Traces of Avoids in AutoImmune Protocol

by 5 · May 04, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Do you have anything to say about trace amounts of avoids (such as those found on packages of foods processed/packaged in the same facility as some avoids) in an autoimmune protocol ?

As stated in here about cocoa liquor, which is melted cocoa nibs:


Referring to this:


And here:


Cocoa nibs may have a big advantage over cocoa and cocoa butter and since the only cocoa nibs available in my country is Valrhona cocoa nibs with this warning stating:

“This product may contain traces of nuts, milk, egg and soya proteins, gluten and peanut.”

I wonder what the chances are for such cocoa nibs or cocoa and cocoa butter to be better than the other for someone avoiding milk, egg white and soya proteins, gluten and peanut in a sort of autoimmune protocol (though he/she may be getting a litte egg white protein with the yolk)...

What's your opinion ?

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5 · May 04, 2014 at 12:19 PM

Ok, so to summarize the cocoa stance on the book by Sarah Ballantyne, it is that they can stimulate the release of histamin from mast cells and they can be reintroduced in stage 2 of the 4 stages of reintroduction. Other reasons may be that it is a seed high in phytate.

Since I could not use the cold-turkey approach of cutting all at once for some reasons and cocoa is so good in general, I have not ever cut it and I certainly won't for a long time.

Also it may be worth adding that processed cocoa used to give me headaches when I used it without cocoa butter a long time ago, but then after I started to use it with cocoa butter it never gave me another headache, so cocoa butter may be balancing cocoa's action on the mast cells, I think.

Signing out and in worked for me to open the book again :-)

0 · May 04, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Well, you shouldn't be eating cocoa at all on a strict AIP.


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