What's your opinion on angstrom minerals which sometimes claim more than a magnitude better absorption ? ?

by 5 · July 12, 2014 at 07:38 PM

For example:


Here it says

"Angstrom liquid zinc supplement is the smallest cell ready zinc supplement today. It can enter the cell directly with out digestion. You get 99.9% of the zinc you paid for straight to the cells. Other zinc Supplements get 5% to 7% of the zinc. You get more zinc for your dollar with Angstrom Zinc!"

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16813 · July 12, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Um, since when do minerals need digestion to enter the cell in the first place? Zinc isn't a protein, fat, or carb! Yes, supplements do go through the digestive tract, but we don't actually digest them as such, we more, absorb them.

They don't say what form the zinc is in, they just say "Proprietary Formula" - so they're selling you snake oil. Zinc is very inexpensive, you don't need to "get more for your dollar" by paying them more for their proprietary liquid version.

For all you know they're selling suspended elemental zinc ions in solution, which might even be harmful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc#Toxicity

The best place to get your zinc from would be shellfish, and of course muscle meats, barring that, any chelated form of zinc, such as picolinate would work just fine. (As with all metals and minerals, prefer the chelated versions as they're more bioavailable and less toxic.)

If you want to supplement zinc, be careful to also supplement some copper as well as the two need to balance out. You can do this with foods by consuming cocoa/dark chocolate, or liver.

While not very accurate, a zinc tally test (also called a zinc challenge) can be useful to determine if you need it. You can put a drop of it on your tongue and if it tastes like water, you don't need zinc. If it has a mild or metalic taste, you've had enough.

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