Sharp, marrow-like smell on breath and in sweat, related to kefir? too much bone broth?

by 610 · June 29, 2012 at 1:23 AM

Recently I've been smelling a sharp smell that reminds me of a marrow-heavy bone broth. At first I was convinced I had stunk up my clothes after making a few rounds of bone broth indoors, but I've asked some friends, and they don't seem to smell it on me. Either my mind is inventing the smell, or it is in my nostrils, either way, others don't smell it.

Edit: After paying close attention today I think the smell is faintly on my breath seemingly all the time, and it comes out of my pores when I sweat.

Also, at the risk of TMI, my stools have had this smell recently, along with a "fishy" odor, like stewed fish heads or something.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Any insight?

More information:

The first time I noticed some "sharpness" in my nose coincided with when I started drinking homemade raw milk kefir about 4-6 weeks ago. At that time the sharpness was less distinct, and the odor did not seem to be associated with it. I assumed that the sharpness was coming from using a dilute amount of baby shampoo in a neti pot to clear out my sinuses. However, I am not using the neti pot now and the "sharpness" persists, now with an apparent odor.

Two other things that have changed more recently, and might coincide better with the odor (but not the sharpness) in my nose: I have begun taking some essential oils in hopes of clearing out a small-bowel dysbiosis, and I have been using honey in my hair and eyebrows for seborrheic dermatitis (so far so good!).

A few theories:

  1. Some of the microorganisms in the kefir have begun to take up residence in my mucus membranes, including my sinuses and colon. I am smelling some by-product of their metabolism.

  2. All of the bone broth that I have been eating, while great for my digestion, has overloaded me with whatever it is that has that marrow smell. My body is trying to eliminate this via every possible mechanism, including stool and pores (though if that were the case, you would expect someone else to smell it on my skin).

  3. My body is overloaded with something in the bone marrow, and is giving me that marrow smell in order to have me eat less of it. The smell can make meats and fish much less appealing. I had some bacon this morning that had a marrow flavor to it, due to the smell. (If this theory were correct, I would imagine that the "sharpness" must be related to something else).

  4. The protocols I have been doing to clear out dysbiosis have been doing their job, and I am smelling the by-product of the die off of bad bugs.

  5. Something else?

Anyone have any insight?


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2909 · June 28, 2012 at 12:05 AM

When I eat high carb, I experience the same weird smell in my nose. I think it might be related to candida actually and I've read several anecdotes of people experiencing tinnitus and this nose smell when eating high carb OR on a candida diet.

MANY bacteria/yeasts create byproducts that have odors. Acetobacter for example (found around our body) makes acetic acid which can give armpit sweat that "vinegary" odor.

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