What is the best paleo book to buy?

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I'm a marathon a month girl....I have 3 more states to complete marathons in 50 states! I gained a ton of weight marathoning, eating too many carbs, no fat...Another runner told me about this diet because my feet hurt from too much weight...It is everything I was ever against! This is a crazy diet for me, however I have been eating Paleo for a week and am now shedding inches...Amazing, no pounds, just inches...I wondered about portion control, how many calories etc. to eat. I run a marathon or ultra every month... I have been eating until I've felt full which is alot....Also I had to break down yesterday and eat a ton of carrots and Jicamas for a carb load because I am not eating grains or beans...Any suggestions on a book for ultra runners trying to be on Paleo?

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4275 · January 12, 2012 at 4:37 AM

Whilst not an ultra marathoner - my housemate just completed his third marathon; but his first on Paleo! He got a PB and had so much energy!

He read quite a lot of Nell Stephenson, as she is a Paleo athlete with lots of great advice.

Good luck!

623 · January 12, 2012 at 4:51 AM

All of them are good but Loren Cordain "The Paleo Diet" wrote the "The Paleo Diet for athletes also. Mark Sisson at marksdailyapple (the primal blueprint) just did a series of posts on eating for marathoners. He was a world class marathoner and Ironman Tri athlete. He really knows his stuff.

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