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I used to get up hungry (starving!) when my diet was mostly carbs-based. No matter how many kcalories I used to eat (isocaloric regimen).

Now that my diet is mostly rich in fats and proteins, sometimes I am hungry at bedtime, but the morning later I wake up without hunger.

I suppose there is something related to the fats burning process night time, with energy enough morningtime. I mean: I could skip my breakfast and wait for lunchtime, even if I don't because of the old rule kick your metabolism early in the morning.

Can anyone relate? Are you hungry at brekfast time or later during the day? did your hunger patterns change since you switched to paleo to the point you skip a meal because you're not hungry?

addendum: sometimes I found myself thinking "ok!mealtime, I'm going to eat...wait...I am not hungry at all!:-/ :) "

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11157 · May 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Because your appetite is no longer ruled by BG swings, you can listen to your body's signals and eat when you are hungry. There is no reason why you should be hungry when your body can simply tap into its (practically unlimited) fat reserves for fuel. Your body has as much fat as it needs and only as much glucose as you eat (give or take a little gluconeogenesis).

I eat <20g of carbs a day (sometimes I don't any). I'm hardly ever "hungry" in the old sense, although when I sit down in front of a meal I find I consume much more food, and am more satisfied than before. I can easily skip breakfast or breakfast and lunch if I'm not in the mood. I think I'd eat even less if it wasn't for social conventions (lunch at work with my buddies, dinner with the family).

Congratulations on breaking the chains of neolithic oppression. Difficult to imagine going back isn't it?

24412 · May 29, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Welcome to the joys of intermittent fasting.

Eating only when hungry is such a novel idea in our modern snack food world, your friends might think you are nuts, but you are now in touch with your real hunger, congrats.

10 · May 29, 2012 at 11:52 AM

I'm usually hungry in the mornings, but then probably not until about 8pm at night after that.

Both my husband and I have noticed a huge difference in our hunger levels since eating Paleo, to the point that we were quite worried about it.

Last weekend for example, we went wild camping in the mountains, walking 10 miles each day. Apart from a few handfuls of nuts and raisins and some jerky, we didn't eat anything until we got home on the Sunday night. Even when we stopped for the night after 4 hours tough walking, we just weren't hungry and could have kept going of the light had been better. Usually we would have had to stop loads of times to re-fuel, but this time, the mountains felt easy :)

2401 · May 29, 2012 at 9:28 AM

I used to be hungry every 2-3 hrs on carb diet. I'd wake up ravenous. Now I eat lamb and beef mostly, with some greens a few days a week. For a while I ate macadamia and avocado, but I just feel the best on animal fuel. I wake up ready and able to eat, but I could skip breakfast if I want. What I do instead is go ahead an have a big breakfast to last me throughout the day, workouts included, and then have a big dinner, 3 days per week when I'm not working. On work days I eat a lunch at 3pm to get me through the mental stress at work. Running on fat feels like diesel fuel!

8753 · May 29, 2012 at 12:40 PM

When I started I use to always be hungry, even after eating. I use to have wild sugar swings and nearly always fainting and seeing black spots (I soon discovered it was salt issues not sugar, but always popping candy).

I never use to eat breakfast, I'd wait for lunch....but now I force myself to do breakfast and eat a late lunch/dinner.....I'm never hungry, I've actually gone 3 days (not on purpose but stuck flying international with delays/cancellations etc.) without eating more than water, banana, few nuts, and I was not at all hungry and content....its possible to do if you are in balance.

I find If I use honey at any meal I'm hungry sooner, so I guess its the sugar factor for me, not the carbs that makes me crave/hungry.

I make sure I start cooking my lunch/dinner before I'm hungry, make myself eat it, otherwise I could go looking for food and not have the patience to wait for it to be ready.

21258 · May 29, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Even if I do wake up hungry, it subsides quickly.

I'm a bit more conditioned towards breakfast - family tradition had always been to have a very big breakfast on weekends, and so for the first 3 days of the week after I wake up expecting to smash bacon and eggs first thing (as that's exactly what I did on Saturday and Sunday).

In a perfect world, I'd eat a big meal between noon and 4pm, and call it a day. Every time that I've done that, my hunger seems mitigated mostly throughout the day and I get a huge IF window.

3774 · May 29, 2012 at 10:07 AM

What you're describing is what happened to me--and it's why I find intermittent fasting so easy.

I'm a night person. I go to bed at ~5:00 AM and wake up at noon. I'm not hungry at all upon waking; if anything, the thought of food is repulsive. So I have my coffee, and that's it.

My IF eating window is between 6:00 PM and midnight, which for a day person on a normal schedule would be between lunchtime and early evening. So basically I eat a huge lunch, then maybe a snack later on, and that's it. It's a lot less food than I used to eat, but since it's much higher quality food it's enough to satisfy and sustain me.

I used to eat big, late dinners, then go to bed with a full stomach not long after--and I'd wake up ravenously hungry. But if I go to bed on an empty stomach, I have no hunger at all in the mornings. Odd, that.

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