Pastured butter from Germany?

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Does anyone know whether the Naturland Alpenbutter is pastered butter? I imagine it could be similar to other European butters where cows have access to fresh grass in the summer, but is someone here sure that (at least summer produced butter) it is pastured butter I am purchasing from this company?

PS: German butters are the only so-called "organic" butters available in Greece, which is why I'm asking the question. Thanks.

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2316 · August 30, 2010 at 1:27 PM

Here's a .pdf list of German butter brands with their respective O6/O3 ratios: http://www.greenpeace.de/fileadmin/gpd/user_upload/themen/landwirtschaft/greenpeace_butter_omega3.pdf

Unfortunately brands like Naturland or Bioland are almost worthless when it comes to things like grassfed. I've met hundres of those certified farmers and only few had ever heard of grass-feeding a cow. Naturland and Bioland are just marketing labels. Better than nothing, but far worse than "we paleos" wish for.

As for butter, it might be the best to stick with Kerrygold, it also seems to have one of the best O3/O6 ratios available.

77348 · August 30, 2011 at 9:00 PM



some good studies and textes.


what is clear if thereis cows feed in a high area on the moutains in the alps with thousand herbs its higher CLA. In lower area only up to six main herbs its lower CLA.

Some german arganic Butter come from the ALPs ALPEN so its good cause high in CLA if it is fed mostly on grass.

Also different kind of seeds make the CLA high. sunflower soy and rasody...its more detailed in the papers.

another text on german Butter http://www.thelocal.de/national/20080925-14523.html

..personal i think.. there is some really good butter in germany. the alnatura soured butter /cultured butter it comes from thise mjejeri in denmark its up north in denamrk.

there is some high quality butter also you get raw milk butter from France. while you are in greece probably you not realy now which butter is good. Go for the taste. Good butter taste like a pasture with a lot of wonderful rich herbs. ALPENBUTTER should be good butter especially if its from a high mountain. if its in the lower area in the valley it less healthy still it can be a good butter. Also what kind of things are finnished. Is it hay is it hay silage is it seeds grain. which seeds. ...there is so much difference. maybe you get local goat or sheep butter its more common where you living?

190 · August 30, 2010 at 11:15 PM

USDA organic standards care nothing about grass-feeding. Organic grain is fine, according to that. I cannot speak for the EU.

2557 · August 30, 2010 at 10:29 AM

If it is calling itself organic and the cow is not grass-fed, I think that would be a fraudulent practice. But the standards for organic dairy are sometimes not that strict. I think the Horizon brand of organic dairy has been brought into question as to how organic it really is.

Naturland appears to allow their cows to graze on pasture.


From that link:

1.2.1 Dairy farming

It is prohibited to keep the dairy cattle tied up permanently. They must be given the opportunity to graze (throughout the grazing season) or to go outdoors the wholeyear. In new or restructured sheds, slatted floors in the walking area must consist of broad slats. Specialattention has to be paid to careful construction. Where slatted floors already exist, missing slats in thewalking area have to be replaced.Where the animals are tied up, their natural lying and standing habits have to be considered. The use ofelectrical aids to condition the cow in its movements is prohibited.Loose housing sheds must provide a feeding and a resting area for every cow. It is permissible to havefeeding areas smaller than would correspond to the number of animals kept, if the feed is constantly ac-cessible.

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