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Are Kerrygold Packet and Softer Butters organic? No, the milk used in our products is not guaranteed organic.

it isnt organic.

Do Kerrygold Packet and Softer Butters contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Whilst cows predominately are fed on pasture, they will be fed on feed supplements during the winter months and there are no GMO free guarantees on the feed used. Generally, our butter is only made in the summer months when cows are typically fed on 100% pasture.

Butter is only made from the summer month! There is no quarantee that the feed used in the winter month is GMO free.

So probably Kerrygold cows are grain or silage finnished in winter?! Or they get soy in winter?

In this article Ireland

EU successfully undermines Ireland as a GMO-free zone


"Ireland urgently needs international help to put pressure on the government to reverse >this stance.Irish products such as Kerrygold butter are marketed in America and elsewhere as being natural and grass-fed. However, thanks to there being no legal requirement to declare the use of GM animal feed, it is being widely reported that an increasing percentage of animal feed in Ireland comes from GMO sources, and I think Weston Price consumers will be shocked to learn has no stance on GMOs.Until now, I'm sure it wasn't thought necessary.What You Can DoContact Kerrygold/The Irish Dairy Board, and the Irish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; to let them know that the reputation of exported Irish foods is under threat by the recent pro-GM stance, in particular with the Irish-American community (which is of massive importance to the Irish economy). Let them know that they will be risking international boycott if they do not take the necessary action to keep Ireland and its food chain GMO free.Send Your Emails to:Kerrygold/Irish Dairy Board: idb@idb.ieBrendan Smith: constituency@agriculture.gov.ie Kerrygold/Irish Dairy Board: idb@idb.ie Brendan Smith: constituency@agriculture.gov

So kerrygold is probably fed in winter GMO grains!!??!!

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435 · June 13, 2011 at 08:44 PM

I emailed Kerrygold USA asking if their butter is all grass-fed and I got this response:

"Kerrygold dairy products are made from the freshest milk of grass fed cows. While our cheeses and butters are not labeled "organic" they are 100% natural. While Americans are now rediscovering the benefits of grass feeding cows, the Irish have never wavered, recognizing that cows are natural ruminants and grass is their natural diet. Dairy cows, milk and butter have been part of Irish society for thousands upon thousands of years, according to the Cork Butter Museum in Cork city, Ireland. Cattle have been in Ireland since 3500 BC. Much of the milk from dairy cows was turned into butter. The Cork Butter Exchange, a market created by the merchants of Cork city in 1770, was in its time, the largest butter market in the world, exporting butter as far away as Europe and America.

Today, most of the milk from Ireland's small dairy farms go to local co-ops, where milk is collected, then sent on to be made into butter and cheeses using age-old processes. The supplier cooperatives have formed a distribution, marketing and selling cooperative, the Irish Dairy Board. The Board exports the dairy products the world over, on behalf of its member farmers and processors. This form of cooperation ensures the viability of Ireland's small family farms.

The resulting dairy products are all-natural. Cows are not given antibiotics or growth hormones that can find their way into the milk, and butter and cheeses are made without additives or preservatives. Ireland is the ideal environment for the production of milk and milk products from grass. Irish dairy farmers manage their small holdings (40+ acres) tightly to ensure the optimum access of their herds to fresh, edible and nutritious grass. Cows must be well fed and maintained at the right body condition in order to stay fertile and produce quality milk and this is key to quality dairying in Ireland. Any pesticide use on pasture would interfere with dairying and is not countenanced."

Seems legit.

891 · May 24, 2011 at 08:57 PM

How about dropping butter for other fats? Just saying...

728 · May 24, 2011 at 08:37 PM

I have my own issues with OV and do not buy their products when I can help it but you must know that there is OV butter, OV PASTURED butter (which would be like the KerryGold only cert organic and from the U.S.) and then there's another gold label OV butter- not sure what that is. The more people contact them regarding this issue, the better. Tell them that you're a customer that will take their business elsewhere. AND YOU SHOULD. There's a brand called Pasturelands that makes fabulous grassfed, organic butter seasonally, and in the winter I believe the cows are still grassfed, and their farms are located inside the U.S. You can also find pastured cream and make your own butter- it's easy, just pour it into a jar, close tightly and shake.

4813 · May 24, 2011 at 09:33 PM

I think it's making too much issue. They say that they generally use the summer milk, so small risk of getting the winter milk butter... And they can't say they are organic unless they pay a lot of money for certificates and what not. And how can you certify grass? A lot of times companies that are practically organic or natural, can't say it, b/c they could be sued, so just in case they add "may contain... "

3591 · May 24, 2011 at 09:03 PM

I am not sure you can actually certify something fed grass as organic anyway. Organic usually means organic grain feed.

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