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Hi all, I am wondering what recommendations for calcium would be for weight-trainers who do high volume load bearing exercise daily? Currently I take approx. 2500 mg. but I'm apprehensive of the soft tissue calcification I've heard so much about and speculate whether it would be best to reduce the amount. I have a high amount of vitamins A, K(assuming store-bought butter contains this item), and D3 in my diet currently. Magnesium I assume to be adequate(meat and eggshells). Here is my current 'supplementation regime': (with a meal containing protein and fat in all cases): 1 eggshell(lrg. chicken or duck egg) x2 perday 2 500mg. calcium carbonate tabs perday. I am thinking of eliminating the calcium carbonate altogether but would like some sound advice(folk wisdom or scientific) regarding appropriate amount and source of calcium. Also, does anyone have any links to research on 'calcification of soft tissues' that spells out in an accessible way the issues, causes and solutions? At the very least I will stick with the eggshells...

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25197 ยท April 18, 2011 at 2:53 AM

Again context.....for most I don't recommend calcium supplementation. A guy like you you don't need it. Magnesium maybe a different ballgame.

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