Trying To Understand Why I've Stalled

by 78 · May 24, 2013 at 03:23 AM

Hi guys,

So...still on the paleo wagon :) Waiting on blood results and such.

Can anyone explain the following though:

So, I'm 4'11, female and sitting at 187.8 right now, down from 201 in about a month. Blood pressure is 110/82. Feeling awesome, but now I've stalled out. Exercise is limited due to my disability. I realize that a lot of that is water weight, but am curious as to why everything that has worked in the past (this isn't the first time I've lost weight/gotten in shape on paleo---I've dropped 70 lbs before).

Food right now is difficult for me as I don't get hungry till mid-afternoon or later, and large quantities of food make me nauseated. I sometimes get ravenous in the late evening and dry mouth is a problem...though working on water intake. I over the past few days have switched to a seafood-based diet and the achy body is going away, so that's a good improvement.

Now, in the past I'd just go to a VLC to get weight going again, but even that has failed me this time. My carb sweet spot tends to be 50 +/- with too little giving me brain fog and too much making me tired and facilitating weight gain.

And yet, about two weeks ago, sitting at 188.6 I went to a get together. It was late and given that I try not to eat late at night I was hungry by the late evening. There were cookies and I figured enh, its been two weeks and I've been on solid...why the hell not (I can transition on/off paleo pretty easily), so I helped myself to a few cookies (and some soda). The next morning I fully expected to see some extra water weight...there was none. I was very surprised as normally a night like that will do that to me. To my bigger surprise following morning I broke my plateau and ended up where I am now. Going back on paleo things have stalled again. I'm debating having a small cheat night tonight as well and seeing if it will help.

It could very well be I'm not eating enough calories... Or is there something else going on here?

I generally like to make paleo work for me and avoid it being restrictive/isolating (so will say go out for food even if perhaps the rib sauce isn't 100% paleo or if the fruit smoothie has extra sugar) so i'm not necessarily wondering if I can make a cheat/carb up day 'good for me' but if it'll help get the weight off...I'm game.

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40588 · May 24, 2013 at 02:43 AM

Losing 13 pounds in 4 weeks (>3 pounds per week) is well over normal weight loss. Sounds like you have some very unrealistic expectations for weight loss. Aim for 1 pound per week, you're already 9 weeks ahead of where you should be.

0 · May 24, 2013 at 03:23 AM

Do you log what you're eating at all? I know this might sound like a faux pas in paleo, but even if you don't end up doing it long term, it can help you get a sense for what you're really taking in. Keep in mind that caloric/macro content on the label doesn't necessarily exactly equate to what you absorb, and metabolic rate estimates are just that. In any case, it's useful to set a baseline and can make it easier to know what you're doing and whether you're having a response. Sometimes this can be eye opening one way or another. Also, your metabolic rate is going to depend on what your actual lean mass is and your energy expenditure. If you're feeling tired you're probably expending less energy. For me, at least, diet/exercise has been a chicken and egg thing, but I'd lean towards diet/how I feel leading to more exercise.

Secondly, It sounds like you dropped a fair amount over the period of the last month and now you're stalled in the last week or two? This isn't necessarily that long of a stall. Also, as you're suspecting there can be some fluctuation related to retained water and food in various stages of digestion, but this is more a reason to not take just one measurement but to look at how it changes over longer periods of time (you can still weigh at frequent intervals to get a sense for the fluctuation).

Overall, if you're going to experiment, collect some data as you do it. Intuition is quite valuable, but sometimes one can intuit a correlation where none exists in terms of behavior or eating and outcome, especially when the timescale is too short.

In any case, good luck :-) Perhaps someone else will have some more useful advice.

120 · May 23, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Try intermittent fasting one day a week

1 · May 24, 2013 at 02:35 AM

Maybe try eating the 5-6 small meals a day? I have a hunch that it may be because you're not eating regularly. Hope that helps!

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