What is this belly "pooch" from?

by 0 · April 07, 2014 at 3:15 AM

I recently started counting macros (a few days ago actually) and have been hitting them since. I eat whole foods, non of the Pop Tart IIFYM stuff. I am not fully Paleo as I consume SPROUTED grains and legumes. I don't eat gluten, fake sugars, or dairy.

My macros: 88g fat, 180g carbs, 123g protein

I drink enough water and also take ACV in the morning.

I am 16, female, 5" 5.5", and around 115lbs. My goal is to gain muscle and lean out, not gaining fat. Ive felt really good with my macros. I've talked to many trainers and have bought books about it, and feel comfortable with them. I plan on seeing how my body does by slowly increasing my carbs and fat each week (and perhaps protein slightly) until I find an intake that wont cause weight gain (like a maintenance intake).

Anyways, despite feeling good (and THINKING I've been looking alright), it's been pointed out to me (in a loving, only caring way... they know how hard I work and only want to make sure I see results) that my stomach is "pooching" out? It use to be REALLY bad during summer, when I would overeat. But I don't do that now and it went away. But the family member said she noticed it about two weeks ago and didn't want to point it out until now.

She advised that I do ab work, or said maybe im eating too many carbs, or eating "macros" are causing it. This is all bioscience of course... at least, I think. I workout daily.

I lift heavy (squat, deadlift, pushpress, free weights) 4x a week, do HIIT 3x a week, and power yoga 2x. I LOVE to train, and am by no means over doing it. This is my passion and it is what I want to pursue in life.

Anyways, what could this be? I honestly thought I have been looking better the past few days. Apparently not. This has really depressed me and made me self conscious. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The pictures I attached are from yesterday. One is a picture that I thought looked decent. I was flexing my stomach. The other I was not flexing, and I guess you can see a pooch?

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5584 · April 07, 2014 at 12:09 AM

could just be genetics. i personally don't think you can change where you store fat even though i've heard of a few people claiming you can change it. i am an apple shape and gain in my belly, too. i'm 5'5" and 107 lbs and have a noticeable gut. i was doing high carb early last year (150-200 carb grams per day) but have cut it to less than 100 grams per day. i tried less than 70 grams for a few months but it was too hard. i was tired all the time.

i have accepted my body the way it is and know i will never have flat abs. it's not really common to have a flat abdomen since we have organs and women have more curves in general than men.

0 · April 05, 2014 at 7:03 PM

Interesting! When I read your workout, I expected your body type to look like mine. I've been doing 5x5 powerlifting awhile 4 times a week.

Well what appears to me, as a nurse and wanna be bodybuilder, you lack muscle tone. Your abs push out from ribs down, not just fat collection pooch at base. For as thin as you are and body type for age, you just need time and weight training.

Front squats really pull in the abs. Always tighten your stomach, don't push it out on deadlifts and the like. To build, maybe it's time to up the weight. Do what you are able to do for 5 or six reps, 5 sets. Squats I do butt down to ground to prevent muscle imbalances, which requires core!

Mind your posture. Mood can cause you to carry yourself different. Shoulders back, butt tucked, abs tight. Chiropractor? Deep lumbar curve pushes belly out.

If weight not fluxing, not a fluid issue.

0 · April 02, 2014 at 12:55 AM

Do some form of cardio, like: jump roping, swimming, sprints, or jogging. That might help? As a former female athlete, I have normally lift weights and did cardio but since I've started crossfit and this paleo lifestyle I had developed a pooch myself. I started doing cardio again and it has slimmed down.


45 · April 02, 2014 at 12:48 AM

Is it fat or bloat? If its bloat it could be related to gut dysbiosis from overeating non-soluble fiber, carbs, sugars, or especially artificial sweetners or use of the amylase inhibition garbonia herb. If its fat, its visceral fat, which is slightly resistant to weight loss, and associated with the liver, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome - those are reversable, but take effort.

Looking at the picture, you look toned, and skinny. Doesn't look like skinny fat either, because you can see muscle. I'd guess its a bit of mild bloat from digestive imbalances.

225 · April 02, 2014 at 12:36 AM

Check your calories.

Or maybe it's just water retention? Carbs and inflammatory foods are known to do this.

Also, in general paleo tends to edge more towards fat than carbs, so yes, you could increase the fats and decrease the carbs to be more in-line with mainstream paleo.

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