Is fighting the high cholesterol numbers good for the ApoE-4s?

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Extract from a paper:

An intuitive explanation for why high cholesterol at an early age might be correlated with Alzheimer's risk has to do with apoE-4. People with that allele are known to have high cholesterol early in life [39], and I believe this is a protective strategy on the part of the body. The apoE-4 allele is likely defective in the task of importing cholesterol into the astrocytes, and therefore an increase in the bioavailability of cholesterol in blood serum would help to offset this deficit. http://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/alzheimers_statins.html

Does that mean that the high LDL response to eating saturated fat is a protective mechanism that allowed ApoE-4 to survive until today?

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20 · February 21, 2014 at 6:12 PM

I have actually thought of the same thing. Could the increase risk of Alzheimer's be due to lowering of the cholesterol through statins and dietary means? There is no corelation between high cholesterol and Alzheimer's but there is one with low cholesterol.

If you get your cholesterol into pattern A type and is still high what will the risks be? Is there a study that looked at people with apoE-4 who ate high fat diets? Or do they get put on statins and/or eat more grains and vegetable oil to lower LDL causing pattern B small cholesterol.

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