Please Hack my Wife's Lab Results

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My wife got a call from her Doctor after yearly checkup labwork saying that she needs to come in for an Ultrasound. When we asked why she said she can't say over the phone how much liver damage there may be but they need to check. When I asked what lab result prompted her desire for the ultrasound she merely repeated how needed it was.

The thing is, I'm not sure precisely what she is looking for. The reason we're trying to avoid it if we can is that both my wife and I are unemployed at the moment and we have about $100 in spending cash for the next two months outside of bills and rent. Even with 20% co-insurance the Ultrasound would cost us abotu $300. Here are the only abnormal lab results - Cholesterol and Urinalysis.

The Hemoglobin was worrying but my wife was on the middle of her period at the time and she didn't think to report it so it is likely that it is merely cross-contamination. We are going to have that retested, but blood in the Urine doesn't have anything to do with Liver.

My thought is essentially that the doctor wants to check for Fatty Liver Disease but the only treatment for that is diet, exercise, or diabetes meds which we don't need since my wife is not diabetic or pre-diabetic. We know her Cholesterol is high but she has been on a fairly Standard American Diet so that should be fixable. My cholesterol has dropped on Paleo from 250 to 169.

Is there any other potential issues these test results may raise?

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26354 · March 18, 2014 at 2:06 AM

Not a doctor -- but only two things I can think are looking for fatty liver or a tumor.

I find it wholly unacceptable that the doctor cannot do a better job of communicating.

I would ask the doctor for a copy of your patient files and see if she noted something in them (she should have). Perhaps even get the labs and files to another doctor for a second opinion.

Ultimately I agree with SamC. Despite your current situation, a prevention is usually much cheaper than treatment.

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188 · March 17, 2014 at 10:39 PM

We are not doctors. Find out exactly what the doctor is talking about and proceed from that. You don't have to follow what they say without further research, second opinions, etc. Even if I was a doctor I'd have no information without an exam of the patient and full medical history.

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