Coconut Milk + Protein Powder = Not Efficient??

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Let's keep it simple...

So fat inhibits absorption of protein. Coconut milk has a lot of fat. If I made my protein shakes with coconut milk, would the fat from the coconut milk inhibit the absorption of the protein powder?

I KNOW it's better to eat real food and I KNOW this is splitting hairs...but it would be nice to get a scientific approach to an answer. Thank you.

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11251 · July 23, 2013 at 5:23 PM

This is a timing issue. Post workout- carbs + protein = success! On days off, your coconut milk + protein powder may be a helpful way to get your protein in for that day. Your body will still be able to utilize that protein. Presumably, it will just take a little longer for it to get where it needs to go.

Now, considering price, it may be better to eat your fatty meats with less expensive proteins, and save your protein powder for your workout days. Whey protein is pretty insulinogenic, so it probably makes sense to use it when you want to encourage insulin release, and not when you don't.

8497 · July 23, 2013 at 4:34 PM

From what I understand fats are the last to be digested (hydrophobic/"float") and fats trigger the release of CCK which along with signalling bile juices and enzymes to be excreted into the small intestine, it delays gastric (stomach) emptying.

So possibly this delay in chyme entering the small intestine would delay proteins digestion and amino acid absorption in the small intestines.

I am not entirely sure whether this really makes any significant or measurable difference though. Even less so with the amount you are getting in your shake.

As a side note, a slow digesting protein such as casein would be another matter (as would a complex carbohydrate) due to their digestion in the small intestine. The benefits being obvious if that is what one requires.

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