Question for Steppdecke (The Quilt) regarding GERD/EE

by 1264 ยท June 05, 2012 at 05:55 PM

(I used Google translate for that, so please don't yell at me if that's not the word for "quilt")

Dr. K, I notice you prescribe coconut oil for...well everything. I'm currently doing a keto-diet to help with GERD/possible eosinophilic esophagitis, and so far it seems to be working really well. Except! I have a reaction to coconut oil I think (Nutiva brand). I also saw you recommended B12 shots (yikes!) and "other supplements". What exactly are "other supplements" and what do I do if coconut is a problem? Seems like it always has been...

Keto-diet (paleo) Going to bed early (an hour or two after it starts to get dark) Walking outside to get my Vit D No supplements this first week of the diet


P.S. how long in your experience does it take to get rid of these things? I saw you mention a friend with EE got rid of his after three months. Was he ever able to adopt more foods into his diet (paleo foods)?

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