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by 353 · March 19, 2014 at 03:26 PM

I've been paleo for about 2 months. On the advice of my naturupath, when I made the Paleo switch I increased my coconut oil consumption and started drinking/ using coconut milk daily. Previously I had used coconut oil in some of my cooking and topically for my skin. I've never had a problem with coconut and hadn't had a problem with the oil, but over the last week I've been beginning to wonder if I'm allergic. I've been getting a scratchy throat and some "tingly" feelings in my face, as well as what feels like some mucus build up when when I consume it.

Related to Coconut oil, does anyone know if it's possible to be allergic to coconut, but not the oil? I just remember from years ago (when my daughter has suspected allergies) hearing that often food allergies are to the protein in an item, so because there's little to no protein in a fat or oil, people who are allergic to a food can have that same food's "fat". So some people who have dairy allergies can have butter and some people with peanut allergies can have peanut oil. Just wondering if that's true of the coconut. I haven't really experimented over the last few days with just the pure oil and how I feel after I eat just oil.

I'm very disappointed, but I'm prepared to remove coconut from my diet to figure out if that's what's going on. I'm just wondering, since this will be my first experiment with an allergy, how many days should I go without consuming an item before testing it again? And how long do I give it to determine if there's a reaction?

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2630 · July 21, 2011 at 09:26 PM

Coconut is a strong antibacterial agent and can cause some people to have symptoms that indicate a possible candida die-off such as you described. You might want to look into that possibility before giving it up completely.

Here's a link: Candida

0 · March 19, 2014 at 03:26 PM

I'm sort of curious about this as well. My daughter got major hives yesterday. I did put a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to cook veggies yesterday. She also gets symptoms with coconut milk and water. But not flakes. Is this possible?

0 · August 28, 2013 at 09:47 PM

@themommybug, did you find an answer after cutting it out?

I think I am allergic as well. My meals today included foods I ate yesterday plus half of a sweet potato + some coconut milk.

I now have mucus type build up in my throat/sinuses as well as sinus congestion.

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