Coconut Flour Brands

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Hey does anyone have experience with different brands of coconut flour? I am looking at Coconut Secret and Tropical Traditions. You might say, "try both," however I live outside of the ever convenient USA and opinions would be super helpful before I make a bulk purchasing decision. Is one nuttier, more absorbent, better for frying, better for baking, than the other?

I'll be making "paleo" cake.

P.s. Yes I've made my own: Vitamix + dehydrator ≠ commercially produced coconut flour. Nooot even close.

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4232 · August 18, 2013 at 4:39 PM

First, what country do you live in? There may be alternatives to shipping all the way from the USA. Secondly, I personally would like to know the difference between the flour, the meal and the grated.

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