Will Using Coconut Oil as a Lubricant Help My Thyroid?

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So I know eating coconut oil will help my thyroid function - and I can feel the energy it gives me after I eat it, even if it's just what I cook my eggs in. My question is this - how much does the vagina absorb of the coconut oil if it is used as a sexual lubricant? Enough to affect my thyroid? I don't feel the same rush of energy after coconut lubed sex as I do after I eat a fried egg (although I am very chatty), and I think the amount used is about the same. It would be great if all of the ways I use coconut oil - eating, rubbing on my skin, and during sex, will add up to improved thyroid function! Am I being weird?

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777 · May 16, 2013 at 10:02 AM

If your using latex condoms you should be very wary of using coconut oil as a lubricant, its like an acid that can eat through it

Otherwise i think it would make an awesome lubricant as it's got a nice flavor & almost instantly boosts energy, both would make for some good fun

Not sure about your thyroid but i would assume that the vagina can somewhat absorb the coconut oil, although if your generally quite moist when turned on i'd assume the flow of traffic could prevent any absorbtion if you know what i mean

115 · June 26, 2013 at 9:04 AM

eating coconut oil and rubbing it on the skin will have different effects, as it's our digestion system that absorbs it for the whole benefit of your body, coconut oil doesn't have small enough particles to be able to penetrate the skin (very few things can do that, most of them are nano particles) you need to ingest it

282 · May 31, 2013 at 2:43 PM

Apparently I'm the first one to actually answer who has also tried this, so I'll tell you my experience. We have to reapply coconut oil multiple times during sex, as it does seem to be absorbed relatively fast. In my opinion, though, I don't think enough is being absorbed and in an efficient way through genital membranes to the point that you would be able to see improved thyroid function. But hey, it can't hurt to keep trying!

101 · May 16, 2013 at 7:36 AM

Your vagina should be producing its own lubricant during sexual activity and if it isn't, you should consult your gynecologist or a sexual health professional. Regardless, using anything other than a commercially sold (and therefore medically approved) personal lubricant could cause minor to serious problems from irritation to infection and you should consult your gynecologist or a sexual health professional before doing so.

With regards to your thyroid, using coconut in any other manner other than orally or application to the neck skin would do very little, if anything, to improve your thyroid health. I would also recommend not applying coconut to any sensitive areas of the body including the nostrils, eyelids, nipples, anus, genital area or anywhere you have an open wound or irritation (but not dry skin or bruised areas where it would actually do good) without consulting a medical professional or you would risk the previously mentioned problems.

Keep in mind that coconut is a known allergen and that ingesting or physical contact with coconut may cause a reaction in someone with an allergy, so it would be a good idea to shower or wash yourself after using the oil on your skin before leaving the house if you are doing something where you will be in close contact with others. Some people (like myself) have an aversion to the smell of coconut and may feel ill or even vomit if they do smell it, so keep that in mind if someone around you starts to feel ill.

If coconut is indeed a safe lubricant, be sure to tell your sexual partner about the coconut in case they happen to be allergic or averse and be sure to wash yourself thoroughly after sex or general application.

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