constipated diarrhea and allergies

by 453 ยท August 26, 2014 at 1:21 PM

I've been paleo for several years. I've tried many supplements. I'm hypothyroid. I've eaten super clean and not so clean; I've looked into fodmaps. Currently I eat healthily with nuts and cheese as an occasional craving, so I do eat that more than I should. For sweetness I really just stick to sweetening with stevia (though too much).

When I was a kid I ate whatever I wanted and had bad acne on my forehead, but mostly normal gut function and was very fit. More recently I seem to have developed allergies. Eating paleo and clean has mostly put these in check (used to have horrible horrible ezcema and really itchy everywhere--so much that I had to use a high dosage of hydroxyzine to feel normal but completely loopy). Anyway, I still often feel very lethargic/itchy (even down there, with more discharge...).

I don't understand why I have what I think of as constipated diarrhea--the worst of both worlds. It often comes after the allergies/lethargy mentioned if I eat anything. If I don't eat much, I just get normal constipation...

TMI but screw it--basically I have a strong urge to go, as you would get when you have diarrhea--however the result is really sad and it's often just one droplet (or splatter in this case). After awhile (5 mins to whenever), I have to go again and the cycle repeats itself. When this first started I couldn't even tell if it would be a small poo or gas, which was pretty scary. I have tried enemas when it goes on for several days--and while it helped a little the first time, it now seems to just feed the constipated diarrheaness if that makes any sense. I feel like I don't even eliminate all of the enema.

I've noticed these things cause it to occur often: lots of xylitol (though other sugar alcohols seem ok), even small amounts of magnesium or vitamin C, and lots of fat (which makes me super sad). I've added these things gradually (like the magnesium or fat), so I don't know why it still affects me. Before I had this problem, magnesium helped move things along--now it just worsens the problem. I love bulletproof coffee, for example, but hate the after-effects. These all seem like they might cause laxative effects on others, but for me I get bloated and constipated diarrhea. My stomach gurgles, feels tender, and I can feel/hear the liquids in there...

Strangely enough when I was bingeing more/more standard diet, I poo'd better (though gained a lot of weight).

Sorry about this wall of text. I am frustrated and don't know what to do or try. Any day where I eat and do not get these effects/bloat is a great day for me. Any light shed would be great...

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