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Ovulation and Depression

by (1032) Updated November 12, 2013 at 2:14 AM Created June 20, 2013 at 12:47 AM

Warning: TMI

Alright. So this has happened every month since I started menstruating with regularity after three or four years being too obese to do so. Not bleeding for 2-3 weeks straight is awesome. But now I get this crazy depression that happens two times during my cycle: at ovulation and TOM. It's driving me insane, does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I feel like paleo should fix this. Maybe I'm being unfair.

Stats: female, 24 years old, 5'7", previously 255 lbs now ~160. Menstruating almost 28 days on the dot for the past six months. Had pcos (symptoms are now in remission) and endo (again, in remission) No diabetes as far as I'm aware. Eating paleo 80/20 since October 2012, strictly no beans and grains (except white rice) as of April. Yes on dairy, including half and half. Yes on added sugar, about 2 tsp a day. When I'm not on my ovulation or TOM I don't get depressed after my non-paleo 'treat,' so I'm not accusing that of being the problem (though I won't deny it might not help)

Appreciate any hormonal wisdom or links... or otherwise. Thanks.

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32175 ยท June 20, 2013 at 1:29 AM

Sounds like it could be estrogen dominance. You are supposed to have higher estrogen at those times, but if you have too much, it could be an issue.

How is your D3 blood level? D3 is a hormone precursor and I have had good success with myself and my clients in balancing hormones by optimizing the D3 level.

Adequate Magnesium, A and K2 are all needed as cofactors for D3. So, liver, cheese, and seafood and/or supplements.

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