Best diabetes / paleo charity?

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Hi -- My father passed away from Type 2 diabetes. I want to give a donation to a charity related to health and/or diabetes. However I'm pretty strict paleo and I don't agree with the American Diabetes Assoc recommended diet of high grains, etc.

Does anybody know any good paleo-friendly charities or nonprofits doing good work?

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2297 · April 08, 2011 at 5:20 PM

The metabolism society supports research into Low carb eating for diabetes, etc. (not specifically Paleo, but certainly not opposed to Paleo)

The vitamin D council might be worth a look too, but that is more general.

If you definitely want a diabetes organization, then the ADA is out, of course, but the JDRF is ok. Some of their work on Type 1 (insulin dependent diabetics, that often, but not always, starts in childhood) is generating helpful info for T2's. http://www.jdrf.org/

9983 · April 08, 2011 at 6:13 PM

Create your own "charity" by taking the money you would have donated and purchase paleo friendly books to give to your friends and relatives that think you are half bonkers by eating all that "artery clogging saturated fat".

Many of the older books are available used at http://www.abebooks.com many at a dollar plus shipping.

You might just save one life from the misery of obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease caused by diabetes.

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