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Fellow cavepeople,

I am a 27-year-old, 112-lb, 5'9" tall dude who switched to a paleo diet approximately 4.5 weeks ago to gain weight and balance out my dysbiotic gut (Genova stool tests showed 0's for lactobacillus aciophilus and Bifidus, and 3-4 for pathogenic bacteria, with a 1 for Candida albicans). Paleo, not counting the carb flu, made me feel amazing thus far. Borderline "normal," even.

But for the past week, I have suddenly turned victim to loads of hot, sulphur-smelling gas, urgent loose bowels (5-6 on the Bristol chart), and extreme fatigue/brain-fog before and after a BM.

Here's what has changed in my diet/lifestyle prior to this occurrence:

1) Began drinking more homemade water kefir, which always made me have a BM within 10 minutes of drinking. My first theory is that the latest batch went bad, and caused all of this digestive upset. I have since tossed the whole thing to give my gut some relief, and taken a couple Primal Defense Ultra capsules in an effort to stop the diarrhea and loose stools (S. Boulardii is supposed to help, right?)

2) Ate a big batch of homemade paleo minestrone (sans noodles, of course) with homemade bone broth from chicken necks/backs from a local health food store. The soup contained an entire onion and some garlic, both of which are FODMAPs, and with the overwhelming sulphur scent of my flatulence afterwards, I was almost positive it was from the onions and garlic. Perhaps I should try low FODMAP paleo for a bit, to cut down on things like onions and garlic?

3) Have begun incorporating 3 raw egg yolks into my morning smoothies, and cut out all nut butters from them after realizing they irritated my gut. However, the latest batch of eggs I bought were in bulk from a generic grocery store (not pastured or organic) due to an extremely low budget this month, and I stored them in a less-than-optimally-cold refrigerator, which is having issues defrosting. It's possible the fridge has only been around 50-55 degrees F the past 2 weeks. Is there a huge chance the eggs have spoiled, and this is mild food poisoning?

4) I have begun taking 5g of BCAA's to help with my new workout routine, and have read that BCAA's can potentially cause diarrhea. I know that, from experience, I react poorly to whey and creatine. Only egg white protein powder has been a good source of protein for me, but I thought I would give BCAA's a go. Is this a probably cause of my problems?

In addition, I take NOW Super Enzymes, 3-4 capsules with each medium-large meal. I am concerned that this is too much - is diarrhea a side effect of too much HCl?

I eat about 1/2 lb. of meat per day, if I'm lucky, and of course some veggies, bananas and locally-picked organic blueberries for fruit, almond milk for smoothies, and some white rice or sweet potatoes for starch. Made my first batch of coconut-flour macaroons with Stevia with no ill effect. And mostly filtered water or iced green tea & Stevia.

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of info, but I have faith in you cool cavekids ;). Love this forum, and looking forward to hearing your advice for my diarrhea issues.

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24412 · August 31, 2013 at 8:59 AM

Salmonella, which could be a distinct possibility with uncooked normal supply eggies doesn't equal just mild food poisoning, that can be kind of a big deal. Before anything else, I'd get that checked out.

Water kefir effs me up bad, real bad. Even just a spoonful seems to cause trouble, so I've come to the conclusion I'm not ready for it, or this isn't the time in life to deal with the fallout. With the pathogenic bacteria in your gut, the battle between beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria could be releasing some seriously hard to deal with stuff into your system, hence the immediate evacuation.

10 · August 17, 2013 at 7:27 AM

I would recommend checking-in with the guys at http://scdlifestyle.com/

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