High Cholesterol with Paleo?

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I've been living the Paleo lifestyle for about two months, and have seen and felt numerous benefits. The thing I find myself worried about most is the thigh amount of Cholesterol it seems like I'm eating. I feel great, but looking at the total amount of eggs and red meat I have consumed during a typical week is scary; three eggs a day alone adds up to 21 yolks a week. I realize it'd be simple to just not eat as much red meat and take out the yolks, but the high-fat is the only thing that will satisfy my seemingly constant hunger. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on the effects of these high cholesterol intake aspects of Paleo I'd be interested to hear.

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20469 · August 06, 2010 at 3:54 AM

You need to do some research on cholesterol. Cholesterol intake via food has almost no effect on your blood cholesterol. This is well known amongst the best researchers. Most of the cholesterol in your body is made by your body and is needed throughout your body to do things like keep your brain working. The body keeps your cholesterol levels in a balanced state. If you eat more cholesterol, your body makes less. If you eat less, your body makes more.

Besides, there is plenty of mounting evidence that lipoprotein levels (commonly called levels of 'cholesterol' by many ill informed doctors) are just markers of potential artery clogging but not actually the cause of the problem at all. CHolesterol acts as a bandaid on the cell wall that is placed in response to injury. Mounting evidence suggests that the way to cut back on artery clogging is to cut back on injury via inflamation, chronic cardio, high blood pressure, poor eating, lack of omega 3s, spiking blood glucose levels, etc. THe answer is probably not to try to eliminate production of the bandaids. In fact, many top scientists now suspect that the only reason statins work is that they also happen to have an anti inflammatory effect, not because they lower 'cholestorol' aka blood lipoprotein levels. In fact, all other drugs that were created to lower blood cholesterol also were deadly and could not be used in humans. Even one statin was pulled from the market because it was killing a lot of people. It may be that statins only work via lowering of inflammation and not via any other mechanism. IMO, it's very likely that 'cholesterol' is actually innocent in the whole scheme of things. -Eva

346 · August 06, 2010 at 11:03 PM

The counterintuitive truth is that, if you Want to improve your cholesterol profile, you should replace refined carbs and sugars with saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet:


10194 · August 06, 2010 at 3:44 AM


What you are effectively saying is that you think that lipid hypothesis is sound. It isn't. I'd suggest starting some reading here:



10 · February 16, 2012 at 11:31 PM

I am sick to death of oatmeal for breakfast. I HATE IT. I am sick to death of beans, fake "cheese", fake "meat". I am dying for a steak, pork chops, bacon and eggs and REAL meatloaf. I eat a little fish but I HATE fish. I WANT BEEF BABY! Good old pork and lamb...where are you now...I'm hungry?????

I'm 5'3" and always have weighed under 120#. I'm now 64 and still look GREAT but I'm starving for some REAL food.

I had a stroke (very mild which only damaged and blinded my right eye - otherwise I'm fine) about 7 years ago and eat a predominately dull, boring and tasteless lifestyle since I was told that probably my high cholesterol contributed to my stroke at age 55 caused from large meat consumption (how I now miss my meat). I refused statins (all drugs are poison to the body) and I lowered my cholesterol down from 260 to 200 (within 3 months) on a meatless diet but why live if you hate life. I HATE VEGETARIAN DIET. I LOVE MEAT. I'M A MEAT EATER SINCE I WAS A KID. I MISS MEAT SOOOOO MUCH.

Now, I'm wondering was it the MEAT causing my stroke or was it the 110 degree heat I was driving around in when the stroke "blinded" me temporarily. My right eye did recover "some" and within a few months I can see out of my blinded eye again but it's REALLY blurry. DOCTORS CANNOT HELP ME. They are useless except to tell me that if I don't continue on my icky VEGETARIAN diet I will get another stroke.

ANYONE READING THIS WITH KNOWLEDGE: Does MEAT, EGGS, CHEESE AND CREAM (yum, yum, yum on ALL of that) cause STROKES? If not, I'm gonna go eat a rib-eye steak tonight and enjoy life again!!! Marcella

145 · August 06, 2010 at 3:50 AM

If the science really interests you (probably does, so many paleo dieters are science junkies), it's really important to read the book 'Good Calories, Bad Calories' by Gary Taubes, there's just too much modern indoctrination to overcome. If you're willing to take my word for it: there's no connection between dietary cholesterol intake & your cholesterol numbers, and even if there was, there isn't a convincing connection between cholesterol levels are heart attack risk. 70% of heart attack victims have 'normal' cholesterol. That said, I've been eating eggs and bacon with my breakfast every day for over a year and I just got my numbers back and they were perfect. Even if they weren't, I wouldn't change my diet.

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