weight loss pills?

by 43 · December 26, 2013 at 11:52 AM

hey guys i need to lose about 50-100 pounds by june. im currently at 250. doing paleo, and hitt running. is there any weight loss pills or any vitamins that can gradually help me burn off more fat as i exercise, and work on losing weight. im really stumped and desperate.

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26073 · January 28, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Weight loss pills in the vein of Alli and the like will actually be a hindrance to your weight loss goals.

First their claim that you can loose a staggering 5 lbs in 6 months is laughable. You can loose a lot more than that with diet and exercise alone!

Second, the drugs basically force your body to not work. It inhibits lipase which is the enzyme which breaks fat down so it can be used for energy. How the HELL does preventing someone from using energy dense foods for energy make sense?

Other weight weight loss drugs have shown better promise -- but they are all geared around one truth, You will not take responsibility to loose the weight on your own.

A better approach is to be responsible and accountable to yourself. If you go strict Paleo and workout out 5-6 times a week, You can definitely loose the weight and achieve better body composition in 6 months. Hell I dropped 40 lbs in 3.5 months that way.

The other thing you need to consider. Where does the 50-100 lbs come from? Is your goal is Armed Forces or Public Safety or some other prescriptive height/weight goals to meet? Or is your goal health?

I'm 5'8" and 170 ~12% BF, and that is where I believe I am healthy and easily able to maintain my weight. I had dropped below 165 (@ 9% BF) over the summer and looked good but I had to restrict my eating, and maintain a exercise routine that is not conducive to my lifestyle (3 kids, 60 hours/week job +an hour commute every day, living in DC where it is cold in the winter -- yes I am a baby, trust me I know). The point is 150lbs might not be attainable for you (no clue how tall/ how much lean mass you currently have). It's is great to have goals, but they need to be attainable. You could aim for a goal of better body composition, less than 15% body fat, size 32 pants, etc.

0 · December 26, 2013 at 09:51 AM

Weight loss pills ,weight loss smoothies and all those "weight loss" products are all a lie. The best and most healthy way to lose weight is to workout and eat healthy. It´s a very common and obvious answer, but its the truth. If you really want to lose weight i recommend you to do it the proper way. All these people taking pills is a sign that they, maybe want to lose weight, but are not ready to start a healthy life. Think about it, if you lose weight from surgeries or these "pills", will you start living a healthy life just like that? Probably not. There´s a reason that working out is healthy and good for you. If you just push yourself hard enough and start working out, you will see that it´s not so hard as it at first seem, and when you´ve started up (with the best training method for you) you will find it fun and hard to stop. So my answer is, Eat healthy (avoid candy and snacks as much as you can, they will only slow down the process, but its okay for you to give yourself a treat once in a while, you don't have to quit completely, but be more careful with this kind of "food") and workout as a minimum 2 times a week, I suggest you join a gym, it might seem hard at first, but once you´re there, its hard to stop (workout with a buddy for a funnier workout)

-6 · July 18, 2013 at 03:20 PM

Weight loss pills really can help to lose weight, but don't forget about side effects. They have a lot of them. I used to buy such pills to lose weight, so I know what I'm talking about.

10 · May 08, 2013 at 07:49 AM

I hope, best weight loss pills that can work to help you lose weight fast without the torture of starvation diets!

3157 · April 16, 2013 at 02:15 PM

Well, although it has been some time now that I haven't used them because now I'm more towards athletic performance and overall health than just looking ripped to the bones, I can say that I used OxyElite Pro with pretty good results. But also with insane dieting and exercises in the line of what @CD answered above. A pill can give that 1 to 5% last cutting edge but won't compensate for lacking eating/exercising strategies unless it is pretty hardcore stuff...

Beware also that you never know which sides may come from them. Although all brands claim to be "safe", these are usually potent stimulants of the CNS so there's always a risk IMHO, you decide if the possible benefits are worth the risks.

20 · February 07, 2013 at 01:00 PM

I found these on Amazon. Seems to be Paleo-friendly and nothing crazy in there, and says to continue diet & exercise. I almost love the fact that they're not trying to look like some magic potion like most of the other ones. Anyone else heard of or tried these? PaleoTrim All Natural Diet Pills

-14 · April 16, 2013 at 02:08 PM

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