To those of you with an ED or are recovered...does this site ever become intensely triggering?

by 5476 · March 31, 2012 at 07:27 AM

I love and believe in eating paleo. I love discussing nutrition, hearing great advice, and feeling better about my food choices and having motivation to accomplish my goals. I love the sense of community and I love the "regulars" here! I think this site is helping me make healthier choices and oftentimes, I'm inspired by reading posts here.

However, this site has its drawbacks. I find it incredibly triggering at times. I was wondering if any of you have "tips" on how to deal with these triggers.

Mostly, I have an unfortunately competitive personality and whenever someone I think is smaller than me is going to lose more weight than me, I get fiercely crazy. I find it especially hard to read about all those posts that seem to be coming in with women not eating enough/restricting (even if not intentionally), exercising more than me, etc. It drives me MAD CRAZY and then I just sit around and wallow in my fat thinking about how someone I've never met before is more dedicated and disciplined than I am. Also, I have a bad habit of just going on this site to check out height and weight stats of other women to compare myself against. Unlike other ED-friendly sites I visit, this site is bombarded with numbers.

I guess my question is for those of you who have also been triggered, how did you continue using this site "safely" and not spiral down? I LOVE this site and hope I can still use it.

I'll probably end up deleting this because I'm kind of ashamed at what a brat I am...but I'm running low on sleep and feel safe enough to post this (for now).

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2902 · March 31, 2012 at 07:27 AM

If you have or are recovering from an ED, stay away from all food-related sites. You need to develop a good relationship with food that does not involve restricting or the notion of good/evil foods. Best of luck.

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