Recipe for sweet potato cakes?

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When I was doing the slow carb diet I used to make little pancakes using only mashed beans, eggs, spices and soy sauce. They were very tasty and it was a great way to get eggs into my diet because I don't like how they taste.

I want to try to do the same but with sweet potatoes instead of beans. Can anyone who understands cooking suggest a simple recipe? I really just need to know what ratio of eggs to sweet potato might work. Do I need to add baking powder or anything like that? Would this even work? Any suggestions for what herbs and spices go well with sweet potato?

Also note: I do not have a blender and would prefer not to use coconut or almond flour.

Thanks in advance!

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11036 ยท July 25, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Mash a cooked sweet potato or yam, mix in an egg, add salt and pepper, and drop spoonfuls into a hot skillet with coconut oil. I've done this with regular potatoes, too. It isn't light and fluffy like a pancake, but they are good.

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