I typically eat up to 5 eggs a day with my breakfast, for lunch I often have tuna and a can of cod liver in it's own oil (4tbsp worth of oil along with the liver) And some kind of meat (factory farmed chicken, fish, or beef) along with whatever is available for supper such as sweet potato or veggies.

Is this too much Vit D and A to be consuming I don't follow this plan daily but it's my typical meal plan (i didn't list all the foods, just the important and main parts)

What is the downside of too much Vit D and A

I also eat turkey/chicken liver on days I don't eat cod liver. Vitamin overload?

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2711 · January 03, 2013 2:52 PM

The important thing to remember is that you should have a balance between A and D. The Perfect Health Diet latest book indicates about 2.5:1 A to D. WAPF indicates a higher ratio. I trust the PHD recommendation.

Further, its EXTREMELY important to have enough K2 to make use of the K2-activated proteins and cofactors generated by the A and D so that your calcium is directed into your bones and teeth rather than your arteries, heart valves, and organs. If you don't have enough K2 then damage can be done by the stuff generated by the A and D. Studies have shown that proper K2 levels can actually remove calcium from arteries and heart valves. See the book "K2 and the Calcium Paradox" for more details.

Learning this, I adopted this solution. I take 5000 IU D3 daily in supplement form. I get about 10,000 IU retinol daily from egg yolks, butter, cream, liver, etc. Because its difficult to determine K2 content in food accurately, and there's no known K2 toxicity, I supplement a K complex from life extension that includes 1000mcg K1, 1000mcg K2-MK4, and 100mcg K2-MK7.

Since I started this a few months ago, 2 teeth that used to hurt when brushing after eating sour or sweet food no longer hurt EVER.

I consider this A, D, K2 trio to be among the most important sets of micronutrients.

608 · November 08, 2012 at 11:35 AM

I doubt you get enough Vitamin D from foods alone. you need to be out in the sunlight daily or supplement.

As far as Vitamin A it sounds like you are set with the liver!

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