Calorie deficit but still maintaining weight?

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I just put my eating data on cronometer.com and saw that I was 45% fat, 30% protein, 25% carb. I was fine with that and everything but then saw that I was eating only 1700 calories a day. That is like 900 cals under what is recommended for me so I was surprised to see it (I want to maintain weight, not lose). I exercise daily and was wondering if others who exercise also maintain weight despite low calorie intake? Also, does anyone know why I am not losing weight despite this huge deficit?

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26354 · April 01, 2014 at 1:20 PM

People are not the same. The BMR needs of everyone who is 5'9" an 175 lbs will be wildly different. The BMR that they present is an average. Best way to identify your caloric load is to eat when hungry and see whether you gain/loose weight.

15261 · April 01, 2014 at 12:07 PM

I am not sure about those calories-per-day metrics, I am over 200 pounds and rarely eat over 2000 calories per day. It says to maintain my weight I should be eating 2200-2500 but if I did that I'd gain weight, and I am pretty active (Crossfit 3-4x per week).

When I first went Paleo and was losing weight I was eating only about 1200 calories per day (I counted carefully), this finally increased after a few months.

The calorie counts on the web sites are just estimates and it is easy to over-eat things like nuts and oil, so you might be eating more calories than you think.

According to what you said you're eating about 100g of carbs per day, which is probably good to maintain your weight, if you are interested in losing weight you might decrease that slightly, or increase your exercise. I wouldn't go super low carb though (i.e. less than 50g), that can be difficult to do and maintain.

225 · April 01, 2014 at 2:23 AM

You're probably not counting your calories properly.

With that much of a deficit you should be quite hungry.

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