Exercising whilst dealing with Shingles, good or bad?

by 905 · October 25, 2013 at 10:52 PM

I have been run down recently due to a change in my working hours which means i have to get up stupidly early Monday-Friday. As a result i've developed shingles at the very top inside thigh. I tried to get more sleep where i could & laid off all exercise. I've been supplementing with a multi-vitamin & vitamin D. They were getting better over a period of two weeks but have now started on the other leg but not as severe, much to my frustration. I'm not an exercise fanatic but like to lift a bit of weight plus do some body-weight & Kettlebells twice a week. Will it do my recovery any harm to do a quick intense half hour session here & there due to it taxing my immune system, or is there a chance it could give it a boost somehow?? My main goal is obviously to rid myself of shingles even if it means being sedentary for a while, but i'd prefer to stay mobile if i can ...Any input or suggestions would be massively appreciated guys. Thanks. P.s..i'm 35 years old & otherwise in good health.

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992 · October 23, 2013 7:57 PM

I've been down this road. For me, heavy exercise while fighting a viral infection ended me up in the hospital. I'd recommend against it and get in to see your doctor. You might need antivirals. (Although, I had some success with just lots of vitamin A/C/D while watching my l-arginine intake and supplementing with l-lysine, it took Acyclovir to get it into remission.)

B vitamins are helpful in avoiding some of the nerve damage you get from Shingles. My old spots still buzz from time to time.

(Shingles is the reason I found this diet and joined the forum.)

16858 · October 25, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Probably not a good idea to add more stress. One thing you could do is add in some antivirals:


One of those, or a combination of those along with drug antivirals might help get it under control. If you're feeling stir crazy, maybe it's not going to be too stressful, but rather, exercise would be a form of eustress, in which case, take it slow and do some sets of weights, but be sure to get tons of rest and nutrients. A lot of what's stressful and what isn't depends on our point of view. If you think exercise will help, it probably will, just go easy and see the effect a day or two after.

60 · October 25, 2013 at 12:33 AM

As with any health crisis, your body needs to direct all its resources to healing... SO pay attention to how you feel TODAY, each day. I think stressing yourself, even with short intense exercise, may be counter-productive. Taking long strolls in nature will facilitate healing... And then you can return to your routines.

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