Hack my blood sugar readings.

by 3512 · March 24, 2012 at 06:25 PM

I finally got around to buying a glucose meter and I have been playing around with it lately, and it seems like my blood sugar jumps all over the place. I tested yesterday morning after an overnight fast, and my blood sugar was 92, I then ate a breakfast of chicken breast, sweet potato, onion, and asparagus (60 grams carb) and an hour later my blood sugar was 100, 2 hours later it was 92. For dinner I ate a pound of ground beef with 2 carrots, one sweet potato, and half a green papaya, and my blood sugar didn't even budge, it stayed at 92.

I forgot to check my fasting blood sugar this morning and I ate a typical breakfast of salmon with a small green plantain and two carrots, this was about 42 grams of carbs and the same amount of protein, this was at 7 am and I didn't eat again until 1 pm. Right before I ate, I measured my blood sugar and it was at 133!! I cooked about a pound of sweet potato and ate it with coconut milk and some gelatin, around 83 grams of carbs and measured an hour later and my blood sugar was only 114.

What confuses me a bit is the fact that I had a high reading 6 hours after eating my breakfast. I would think that my blood sugar would be low from lack of food but it was the opposite way around, eating a high carb meal reduced my blood sugar. Is this possible? Was my liver pumping out glucose into my blood stream during those 6 hours? Elevated cortisol.


I have been testing today and my fasting blood sugar upon waking up was 85. I ate a big breakfast of about a pound and a half of sweet potato, 8 ounces of chicken breast and a bit olive oil, and an hour later my blood sugar was 77!! WHAT THE $@!^... Why was there no spike???

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12804 · ABOUT 21 HOURS AGO

Your blood sugar goes so high because you wait so long to eat and adrenalin/cortisol goes high to break down your glycogen or muscle tissue(if glycogen is low). Eat more frequently and you should have more stable numbers.


For the most part, everything looks great. You can't always rely on the accuracy of the finger sticks. Next time you get one that doesn't fit your typical pattern, recheck it. Fat delays emptying of your stomach and it looks like you probably have good insulin sensitivity. The 114 was probably accurate, based on the other numbers you mentioned. The 133 is the only one that looks out of place. You are probably right about the liver and the cortisol, but 133 is more than I would expect.


I just asked a similar question and got some great answers:http://paleohacks.com/questions/106519/paradoxical-blood-sugar-test-results-in-a-young-healthy-non-diabetic#axzz1pxyyoSKu

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