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I have had hardcore IBS for about 12 years.It pretty much got worse and worse every year. It got so bad at some point that I lost my job and became unable to work and function properly. I have spend thousands on Acupuncture, osteopathie, homeopathie, weird healers and lots of different stuff in the realm of alternative medicine that I am too embarassed to mention. The only thing that has helped was a mix of Paleo/low FODMAp and intermittent fasting. Especially intermittent fasting was one of the most healing experiences I made in years. Now I have a course about 3 times a week on nights, so I only come home at around 9:30-10. Is it still ok to have a big meal that late? I find that eating at 5 and then rushing to school leaves me bloated and gassy and unable to focus in school. I would rather just eat at ten when I come home but I am worried that this is too late. What do you say? eat something at 5, deal with the bloatenness head to school and eat again something at 10? I usually go to bed at around 11-12. So that means I would mostly only have two hours, sometimes one between my last meal and going to bed. What do you think?

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11683 ยท September 02, 2013 at 12:36 PM

Hi Catrina, I have a similar history as you - "hardcore" IBS (I'm stealing that, btw) for 17 years, have tried everything etc. And like you, an evening course would be a problem for me in terms of being bloated, uncomfortable and unable to concentrate. However unlike you, I would have trouble with IF as my gut cramps up even worse if I go too long without eating. I would probably divide my dinner in half - eat half before the course and half after. Or I'd eat a small dinner/snack at around 4-5 before the course and another snack during it, at around 8.

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