Hack my stool test Results!: H Pylori, yeast, fat malabsorption, dysbiosis

by 128 · April 22, 2013 at 04:11 AM

My hydrogen breath test came back negative.

My obligate anaerobes were characteristically low:

With low levels of:

-Bacterioides sp. -Clostridia sp. -Prevotella sp. -Fusobaceria sp. -Sptreomyces sp. -Mycoplasma sp. -E. coli

My Facultive anaerobes:

-Lactobacillus sp. was high (because some were put into a "yeast-fighters" supplement I have been taking) -Bifidobacter sp. was mid but low for what it could be

No opportunistic bacteria were detected

H. Pylori and yeast levels were significantly high

My beneficial SCFA (short-chain fatty acids) were completely imbalanced!

-n-Butyrate was very high while -Acetate was very low -Propionate was very low -Butyrate was very high -Valerate and Total SCFA were mid-range Indicates a dysbiosis in microbes in forming short-change fatty acids

Inflammation Lactoferrin was in the upper-mid range, but not high WBC's were negative Mucus inflammation was negative Hence, no sign of serious inflammation in intestines and no sign of Inflammatory bowel disease

Immunology: Fecal sIGA was very high My anti-gliadin sIgA was tipping the scale, as it was very high Indicates an immune reaction to bacteria and fungi and HIGH gluten sensitivity. I have stopped eating gluten since last September and these still were significantly high

PH was 5.9 RBC's were negative Color: Brown

Digestion Triglycerides were significantly high. Elastase 1 was in the normal range at 304 micrograms/gram

Absorption -LCFA presence was significantly high -The total fat undigested in my stool was OFF THE CHARTS! Meaning there was literally so much they could not measure the amount of fat with the tests they had... O.O -Cholesterol levels were normal

My naturopathic doctor prescribed me "triple-drug therapy" and grapefruit-seed extract to rid of the yeast and h-pylori. He also gave me Igg, an infant probiotic, fat-digestion enzymes and general digestive enzymes as well as fermented food (firefly kitchens). I've reached the end of the therapy and I'm already beginning to notice symptoms reappearing (although never completely went away). Plus with exaggerated anxiety and heartburn (because of the acid-reducing PPI's)

Some of my symptoms before the antibiotic:

  • -Itchy ear canals -Skin rashes -Constipation -Frequent belching (after every meal) -Itchy anal canal -Sleep deprivation -Lots of anxiety -Occasional white tongue

Symptoms after (starting to comeback):

  • Less sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Heartburn/acid reflux
  • Frequent belching (never went away)
  • Some skin rashes returning (mainly on my hands)
  • Some constipation
  • Always and still have itchy ear canals

What should I do???? I feel like it's hopeless!

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3 Replies

2483 · April 19, 2013 at 07:42 PM

Owen, can you give us some details on your diet? I would suggest doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which is essentially a low carbohydrate Paleo diet. Your bowels will complain, your stools will look hellish, but within a few weeks it should all get much better. This should help with your yeast infection. Read Perfect Health Diet (Jaminet) and follow the advice given wrt supplements.

H. pylori is a nasty bacterial infection. I took two antibiotics and a massive dose of omeprazole for 10 days to get rid of it. It was a nightmare, but the treatment worked. Since your gut is obviously in rough shape I would not suggest doing what I did. But you might take some supplements that helpful wrt H. pylori:

  • licorice (DGL)
  • mastic gum
  • manuka honey

Taking the above three for an extended period of time, say 3 months, should keep H. pylori in check (although perhaps not eradicate it).

Lastly, common antifungal/antibacterial supplements never worked for me ... and I've tried plenty. But what has worked remarkably well is iodine. With the agreement of your naturopath, I suggest you start on 1/2 of an Iodoral tablet (6.5 mg iodine) daily. After a couple of weeks move to one tablet daily. Your naturopath can advise you on the companion supplements you must also take (such as selenium). The stuff is powerful and works like magic. You might consider Lugol's, a liquid variant of Iodoral. I think it might help kill off H. pylori.

By getting on a wholesome, low carb diet and taking a few targeted supplements you should improve ... IN TIME. I suffered from severe IBS for seven years; it was hell. My IBS is now in remission (I am hesitant to say "cured").


709 · April 20, 2013 at 09:25 PM

Where did you get this stool test? I had one but it was very basic. This looks pretty informative

I have some of the same symptoms as you; I seriously belch after every meal, meaning that stuff is fermenting in my digestive system. I even burp after juciing

15380 · April 19, 2013 at 06:41 PM

I don't know what you should do because I am not a doctor. I am struggling with some pretty bad dysbiosis myself and I am going to see a specialist in a week or two.

If you do not mind me asking - where did you have your stool done? By some independent lab or a normal hospital stool sample? Mine was not as comprehensive.

I can recommend the following:

  1. Get tested for SIBO (hydrogen/ methane breath test - 3 hours with lactulose). In the States the cheapest one I could find was $115, but I know you can get some as cheap as $90.

If your doctor does not know how to interpret the results, make a Skype appointment with dr. Siebecker and send her your readings beforehand. If you do have SIBO, that will cause your gut dysbiosis and invite all the parasites as well.

  1. Start working on your gut dysbiosis. Start with http://www.thecandidadiet.com/ It is very Paleo. Add one tablespoon of raw sauerkraut and a few pieces with each meal.

I have a new doctor, she is wacko but she seems to be more normal than the rest. She told me to try something new. If it works - I will let you know. Right now I am working on my dysbiosis as well.

For H. Pylori - you need to work on your immune system. Diet, diet, diet, but it won't do it alone. For now, eat a very clean Paleo with no fruit or nuts.

When I figure something out, I will let you know.


If you have SIBO, you cannot have mastic gum or DGL.

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