More important to eat fat or cut calories while trying to lose weight.....

by 15 · April 01, 2014 at 09:09 PM

Hello all,

So I have been hovering around the same weight for a month.....I had previously asked a question about my diet and got some great responses regarding the amount of protein I was eating...which was too much!!! So now I am trying to reduce protein...I notice that my calories are going down as well!!! So I am averaging about 1300-1400 calories a day which looks like this 36g carbs, 76g Fat, 120g protein....which works out to 16/33/51 ratio...so my question is should I keep my calories at this level or will this deter weightloss? if I need to increase calories should I increase my fat intake? I am 263 lbs....workout with weights 4 days a week...do 30 mins cardio 3-4 times per week.....(P.S. I am trying to reduce my protein to lower LDL a bit).....all comments ae great ly appreciated.


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225 · March 31, 2014 at 04:26 PM

As far as weight loss in concerned of course cutting calories will be better. That being said if you're chronically eating too little (especially carbs) and working out too much then you can mess up your thyroid which can cause a whole nother challenge for weight loss.

Again...your macros are probably messed up because you're under-eating. A 'good' macro count would be something like:

50% Fats, 25% Carbs, 25% protein.

Of course macros tend to be very customizable but people usually don't like going over 35% protein...but people usually arn't consuming that much under there calorie requirements either. (If you filled the rest of your calories with carbs/fat your ratios would look a lot more balanced)

225 · March 31, 2014 at 06:34 PM

Should plug your stats into a calorie calculator. I use the one on cronometer.com and it puts me at about 2600 calories a day to maintain weight. If I was you I'd plug my numbers in then decide how quickly you would like to loose weight and how much you're willing to compromise your overall health to do it. -500 calories a day from your maintenance will give you 1lb a week for weight loss -1000 = 2lbs,ect.

There really is no reason to avoid eggs. I'm not a doctor, but in general they are a very good food source, many in the paleo community would be throwing out the white and just eating the yolk as that is the part with the nutrients. Eating the yolks with the whites will boost your fat and reduce your protein if you're eating less whites because of it.

15 · March 31, 2014 at 04:57 PM

@wtfgod Thanks for the response...okay, so tell me this....how many calories do you think would be sufficient in order to lose weight...as mentioned today I feel like I am eating a lot of food but calories are only 1280....my meals look something like this:


1 egg (I read someplace to eat in moderation - whole eggs 4-6 per week)

4 egg whites

5 slices organic bacon

mid day meal

1/2 bag salad

2 tbsp olve oil

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 hess avocado

7 mini grape tomatos

1 can of tuna fish


8 oz of skinless chicken breast

2 cups broccoli

this seems to be a lot of food for me....can you suggest any simple additions replacements that may help with my ratios/weightloss? many thanks BB

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