Hack my Addition of Foods I am Intolerant to

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Short Summary: Leaky gut for 3 years (thanks to a high dose antibiotic). Symptoms: Constant inflamed/swollen digestive tract, gas-burping-bloating from hell, and constipation.

Testing & trials reveal high IGG allergies to casein, eggs, gluten. Eating those foods cause noticeable worsening on my current symptoms Not eating those foods I still have the above symptoms. My diet is autoimmune paleo -still the same symptoms.

Should be noted that I have seen every kind of doctor and provider and have had all the standard tests and more. I have tried everything under the sun -from autohemotherapy to over $1K in probiotics to acupuncture to every kind of digestive enzyme to iv vitamins. (also including everything on Dr.K's recent leaky gut post except the last option). Not a damn thing has touched this issue.

The common procedure has been to have me avoid those IGG foods while I do mass amounts of treatments (see above) to heal the leaky gut.

A new provider (I know you might guess who it is, but thats not the point here) has suggested that dairy and eggs are necessary to heal the leaky gut and that I had been eating them the wrong way -creating that inflammatory response. By food combining and a few other things, I should heal my gut while overcoming these intolerance's. This provider wants me to limit/expand my diet to: Beef, Broths, dairy, eggs, oj, raw carrots, cooked apples.

What do you think? Should I risk confronting my IGG intolerance's to egg/casein head on? I am super nervous!

Thanks! Note: I have nearly given up on health care professionals so yes, that is why I am asking you guys!!

UPDATE: The eggs had to go after 2 weeks. Serious allergic reaction, despite the food combinations meant to stop that possible reaction. I am still on the raw milk. Still feel moderately better than normal. Month UPDATE: I am still on the raw milk and the rest of the diet as listed above (minus the eggs). I am feeling better than I have in 3 years!

Oct 20 Update: Thanks to some good advice, I found a brand of eggs that doesn't supplement with Soy feed. Worked! Have been eating 2 eggs a day for past 3 weeks with no bad reaction. However the Milk thing was a total bust! I drank grassfed raw milk every day for 2 months and I was experiencing horrible breakouts, GI upset, and weight gain. (Not so from other dairy products). So the Milk is off the menu. (I have even been working with a enzyme therapist, who claims that enzymes can make me digest the milk properly, not so!).

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32175 · August 08, 2011 at 10:53 PM

Getting my Vitamin D sufficient has helped with all my food sensitivities/intolerances. Have you had your D3 level checked lately?

6849 · August 03, 2011 at 10:02 PM

Oy. I've totally been there. Actually, I'm still there. (I told the short version of the story in the comments of this post, but there's far more to it. Let's just say we have the same digestive system.)

If it were me, and I suppose in a way it sort of is, I don't hate myself enough to touch eggs, dairy or gluten and set off the craziness that would come. I like being upright instead of on the floor in the fetal position sobbing, KWIM?

Two things that I have found that are helping immensely:

  1. 2000mg MSM per day for inflammation (I've been using Jarrow powder, but just find one that is gluten free)
  2. Enzymatic Therapy IC Pearls (no affiliation, just a fan) I've been on more probiotics than I can think of, and I picked these up purely because I hit a sale and had a coupon so they were only $1.75. They've done the best out of any probiotics I've tried. Luckily I snagged 4 packages at the sale because I love these things!

Other than that, I do a lot of bone broths - particularly ones with chicken feet for the extra glucosamine, which is also good for the intestines, but large doses of L-Glutamine by itself does not too great things to me. And I also keep my diet simple to try to calm everything down. One thing I will mention... watch the mayo. For whatever reason I completely forgot that mayo contains eggs and set off a nice bout of inflammation putting some on a burger. Sneaky stuff those eggs.

Hope that helps!

18909 · August 03, 2011 at 8:28 PM

I am sorry you have spent so much with no sucess.

I can guess who you new provider is.

If all the things that you have tried before have not helped then what have you got to lose by trying something new?

Why not give it a go with an open mind and report back on the results.

It could be doubted that the IgG antibodies are a cause of your problems if not eating those foods has not improved your situation. The IgG test results may just be a result of your intestinal problems.

77348 · August 03, 2011 at 4:48 PM

Hi Senneth. Should I avoid egg whites? I don't know how to detect the symptoms of 'leaky gut' but every time I consume them they are causing flatulence. I am consuming approx. 12 per day as I follow the old bodybuilding style lifestyle. Cheese on the other hand has no effect. Also would probiotic substances assist(eg. cultured butter, raw meat)? Any advice would be great.

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