Grassfed beef jerky at Kroger?

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I shop at Kroger for veggies when Im too lazy to hit the farmers market or have too little money to hit the co-op and I decided I'd check their website for digital coupons to save a bit more. Well of course all the coupons are for crap, but then I see this Marfoods Beef Jerky and Beef Pemmican Jerky

I did a bit of research and come to find out these sneaky rascals are using grassfed beef? Im not sure of the price, but Im thinking of stocking up on some since my new gig has me as a 'road warrior'.

Anyone have any experience with Marfood (or private label manufactured by Marfood)?

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26 · June 27, 2011 at 2:55 AM

I make grass-fed beef jerky and sell it in Iowa. In order to have "grass-fed" on the label, I have to get an affidavit from the beef producer that states the beef was always fed grass and never grain. nomadjerky.com

145 · June 20, 2011 at 11:46 PM

Watch out. A lot of beef marked as grass fed is grain finished. I found this out at Wholefoods. There beef marked as grass fed is grain finished according to the guy working in the meat department. He says all beef is grain finished. Not true, but you should ask. They start the beef out grass and add the grain to fatten it up quicker at the end.

867 · March 14, 2011 at 2:56 PM

I've been "couponing" for a little over a year now. Yes, a lot of coupons that come out are for crap -- especially new crap. However, I can tell you there are people who use coupons and eat healthy while at the same time lowering their grocery bills to pennies on the dollar (which is what I have done in the year before I turned to the Paleo diet). Yeeaaah, it is kinda hard to pair up coupons to Paleo foods though there are coupons for fruits, vegetables, and meats from time to time. It's all about shopping smartly via the sales ads, and stocking up on the good things to last you until the next great sale. Which is why I REALLY need to get a deep freezer for meat now :) Sorry, can't help you on the jerky part...lol

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