Interesting link between flora and cancer?

by 80 · November 20, 2011 at 11:25 PM


Another reason to keep inflammation to a minimum!!

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5100 · October 18, 2011 at 09:18 PM

It's along the lines of what's proposed in Paul Jaminet's PHD. It's the infection that's the starter. Inflammation follows. All diseases; no exceptions.

Sugar, insulin, and IGF-1 may all play a role by feeding tumor cells. But to get the ball moving, it's always a run of the mill infection ... and a chink in your body armor, I mean in your immune system, that affords an opening for these bacteria to take hold and proliferate. If you think about it, this fits in with CVD as well: HDL, the cleaning crew, is the most important component.

I supposed if you have deforested your gut flora (and you have UC or Crohn's), then you're more susceptible to cancer. If so, then probably the worst thing you can do is to have a colonoscopy: the antibiotic and prep you take for the procedure might deforest your flora (and sometimes take out your kindeys too, while at it) and make you susceptible for colon cancer. Now we know why doctors keep pushing for colonoscopies! It's not the billing for the procedure ($3000-$5000 per head); the real payoff is 2 years down the road when you actually contract cancer due to the procedure!

Wait, isn't angioplasty supposed to work the same way? Lull the patient into thinking you've saved his life by unclogging his artery. All the while, blood clots are breaking off in thousands of locations due to inflammation. 90% of fatal CVD events are caused by thrombosis (loose blood clots unhinged by inflammation), not stenosis (artery thickening).

Without angioplasty, endoscopy, colonoscopy, chemotherapy, and related procedures, all of our hospitals will have to go out of business. Many have actually gone out of business, as a matter fact, as knowledge of HDL's importance and supplementing with Niacin have crept in. If only we realized that it's not necessarily the disease that actually kills you; it's as much the risk from the procedure designed to be diagnostic and preventative that may actually be more dangerous.

I don't wanna paint a one sided picture here. But as a patient, you need to be skeptical. Get a second opinion. Your doc might be padding your risk profile to meet the insurance criteria for an expensive procedure. Know your risk: if the risk of complications (worse, dying) from a proeedure is 5% and your risk of contracting the disease is 3%, does it make sense to have a procedure? And no, your doctor nor the hospital will ever tell you about such risks. Dr. Marcus Weiby no longer practices in America.

80 · November 20, 2011 at 11:25 PM

I think Paul's PhD is in Physics. His own research deals with this biological inquiry. THe link between infection and cancer started with Zur Hausen's work on HPV 30 years ago, now recognized by the Nobel. The question has remained open, however, how many cancer are caused by inappropriate infections. It is very clear that inflammation can promote cancer - a paradigmatic example of this is the increased propensity of patients with ulcerative colitis to suffer colorectal cancer.

It is unclear whether the presence of this bacterium is causative, or merely correlative with colon cancer. Either way, this discovery is hopefully a foothold into better understanding carcinogenic mechanisms.

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