Different cacao products versus cocoa nibs

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I used to eat self prepared sweets with alkali processed low fat cocoa and it frequently gave me headaches, later (long time before I became strict paleo) I started to use alkali processed but higher fat cocoa and cocoa butter together and it never gave me another headache.

Now, my question is, is it better to use cacao nibs warning “This product may contain traces of nuts, milk, egg and soya proteins, gluten and peanut.” or alkali processed high fat cocoa and cocoa butter in a ratio that is close to what’s in cacao nibs ? I do not like egg and soya proteins, gluten and peanut and I’m sort of in a paleo autoimmune protocol which excludes them (except egg yolk proteins yet but which it isn’t) but before getting into that, how much of an advantage do cacao nibs have over alkali processed high fat coca and cocoa butter, ANYBODY, PLEASE ?

Editing / Explanation: Cocoa nibs are husked, fermented, roasted cocoa beans. Cocoa nibs can be seperated to cocoa and cocoa butter but I'm not sure if it's possible to do it without alkali processing. I think cocoa and maybe cocoa butter also lose some of their healthiness (antioxidants/phytonutrients...) in the process, so that's why I'm asking. Unluckily there's no other cocoa nibs sold in my country yet, the only one available is Valrhona Cocoa Nibs with the warning.

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0 · May 04, 2014 at 4:20 AM

moors, you make a really interesting point. Is 100% cacao baking chocolate made by combining the cacao solids with additional amounts of cacao butter? Since the nibs already contain the butter, how is the actual chocolate making process changing the proportions of those two things? I had always assumed the chocolate contained higher amounts of the butter, but maybe someone can shed light on that.

I have always looked to chocolate to give me a healthier form of saturated fats that I can eat in large quantities, so probably we have different goals.

You may want to read about the difference between cacao and cocoa:


wtfgod, you may also want to focus on cocoa more than cacao since cocoa destroys much of the nutrition and maybe that includes lower copper and iron?

0 · May 03, 2014 at 7:04 PM

cocao nibs are just to cacao beans roasted, before they add the butter and make chocolate. So it is not clear what you mean by "how much of an advantage do cacao nibs have over...."

Personally, I eat 100% cacao bars, with no sugar added. If you want to sweeten it, then melt those in a double cooker, then add in four parts erythritol to one part stevia, in whatever quantity you like to sweeten, and you get a very nice sugar free chocolate.

I think the cacao bar is preferable for me to the nibs because it provides needed fat calories that are high in stearic acid, which has been shown by research to cause far less cardiovascular disease than other kinds of saturated fat (and yes I know this is a very contentious area of science). Suffice it to say, cacao bars give you one of the healthiest types of saturated fat.

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