Some questions on Bio-Kult vs VSL#3, GAPS, and PREbiotics

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I have been wanting to start the GAPS diet in an effort to "heal my mind" so to speak. Unfortunately I cannot purchase the book at this moment, and only have listened to Dr. Natash-Campbell McBrides interviews with Dr. Mercola and others. I've heard her say not everyone begins on the intro phase. My main questions are:

1) Would taking Bio-Kult be of any help whatsoever if not on any segment of the GAPS protocol, even though I am also eliminating gluten/grains/legumes (possibly nightshades and dairy temporarily)? I've heard you have to build up a tolerance, sort of, where you experience "die-off" symptoms and stay at that dose until they dissipate; eventually getting to the therapeutic dose; what is the therapeutic dose?

2) How would taking Bio-Kult compare to taking VSL#3? I was recommended VSL#3 on another question for my younger brothers health problems, and only looked into it slightly so far.

3) What about prebiotics? Would prebiotics be more or less helpful/important than probiotic supplementation (since I can't eat many probiotic rich foods right now; money)? Any recommendations on prebiotic sources/supplements?

4) Are there any easy ways I can naturally ferment veggies? I've looked into homemade raw/fermented sauerkraut and the like, but don't have the means of getting the equipment necessary to produce that at the moment

Thanks for any information, it will be greatly appreciated.

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1643 ยท January 05, 2013 at 11:23 PM

I'm really not a fan of GAPS for a few reasons.

Having said that...

...prebiotics are found in many foods that you will not be eating on GAPS. Think soluble fiber, like starchy stuff.

But they're also found in raw and cooked onion, raw garlic, chicory root, raw leeks. Again, raw stuff is to be avoided when doing GAPS. And as far as I know, prebiotics are to be avoided in general when doing GAPS.

Either way, I'd read this post by Mark Sisson:


I don't know much about either probiotic you've mentioned. I do know Bio-Kult was developed Dr. Natasha. And the Intro Diet recommends a probiotic on an empty stomach in the morning.

I eat Bubbies sauerkraut; too lazy to do much more than that :)

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