Visual Disturbances/Odd Eye Fixation/Concentration - Any Idea What's Up??

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Hey all, I really need some help with sorting this out, having some odd sensations/symptoms I've been having a tough time wrapping my head around. I started getting a sudden influx of DAILY severe Ocular/visual migraines in march, as well as some anxiety. This was shortly after an accidental substance use (yes, accidental, very long story but I had NO clue). They eventually dissipated, only to come back again a couple weeks ago, with extreme anxiety (if that's truly what it is). I've been to some doctors, and they seem to believe I definitely have Migraine with Aura, and anyone familiar with Oliver Sacks will know people that have these specific kind of Migraine (affecting the Occipital Cortex I believe) have very strange visual disturbances/halucinations almost.

I have very intense 'after-images' when seeing a bright light, or looking at a screen for an extended period of time, if i look away, an after-burn of that image/screen is wherever I look, sometimes in different colors. Also, I sometimes see a slight aura around things, normally bright objects or street signs driven past during the night. I also have some weird sensations when concentrating on something intensely, it seems like my eyes almost move/twitch slightly on their own after a short while.

I have "visual-snow" as well, for those of you who have any familiarity with that odd phenomenon, although I've had it since childhood. I also have anxiety, but not quite sure as I've never been diagnosed with it. But my mind sometimes begins to race, I get stuck in some negative feed-back loop of negative thoughts, which I then seem to concentrate on, and the cycle continues. My heart begins to race, and sometimes I get strange physical sensations, such as feeling "light" (as if I just ran on a treadmill for a real long time, that weightless sensation in your legs; but all over my body),things of that sort. I personally believe a back injury could be playing part in this as I do have a disc bulge in my spine, which is apparently attached by scar tissue and what not, but my doctor feels like its unnecessary for any sort of involvement with it outside of Physical Therapy.

I wake up with back/neck pain and stiffness nearly every day. I feel like my back may play a large part in all my other symptoms from the research I've done on back injuries and migraines/headaches/vision. If not a large part, it has to at least affect it minimally somehow.

Does anyone have any input on how I can help myself alternatively to meds (for anxiety/visual shit stemming from "migraines"). If I MUST i will take medication, but only after completely exhausting every other means of helping myself, even if there's only slight evidence that it may help. Currently seeking out this Psychologist who I've been told to be quite a "hippie" and into alternative things. She's a Ph.D and has colleagues who use Biofeedback which I'm interested in using. I'm alson taking a Vitamin B-100 Complex and Vitamin D-3, I believe the Vitamin B complex helps my anxiety but maybe just a placebo, Vitamin D-3 just for the health benefits, and I'm sure it could only benefit my brain/CNS. I'm also looking into Heart Rate Variability training, either through a trained practitioner, or by purchasing the emWave2 for my laptop and training.

PLEASE help, any info will be greatly appreciated. I just started attending college early this year and the last 2 weeks of classes were terrible due to all this. I was going to get enrolled back into Wrestling/BJJ as well, but I believe that'd be nearly impossible with all my symptoms as of right now. I just want to get healthy before I do anything. I barely want to drive because I'm afraid I'll have some terrible anxiety/visual migraines and have to pull over. I'm willing to try literally ANY supplement/vitamin/AminoAcid/herb,bark,root,etc. Any therapy. Anything and everything. Of course I'll first do my own research on each. But please, any help/info I'll be so appreciative, words cannot explain.

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10 · December 18, 2012 at 12:47 AM

PHD as in perfect health diet. Do a simple search here on this site and you will find a lot about it. http://perfecthealthdiet.com/. I'm not sure about a specific type of Chiro.. I just see a typical Chiro and his work is extremely helpful.

0 · January 23, 2013 at 1:33 PM


Thank you so much for posting your question. I've been experiencing "visual snow" for about 6 years now, but I never knew what it was called. It is so difficult to describe and I think doctors have dismissed it because I couldn't explain it well enough. It has been really impacting my life for a while now. Thank you for giving a name to the symptom. Maybe I'll be able to find out more info and try some things to reduce it.

Hope you see this post.

1031 · January 02, 2013 at 9:50 AM

In my younger days when my eyes started to become short sighted (myopia) I got a lot of migraines, beginning with the visual kaleidoscope patterns. Once I got a good pair of prescription lenses the migraines disappeared. As a first step I'd strongly recommend getting your eyes tested by a top notch optometrist.

2369 · December 18, 2012 at 1:34 AM

I had similar migraine-related symptoms in college (migraines all my life however). But, the cure for my migraines and most of the symptoms was to eliminate absolutely all gluten. Have you done that yet? I mean zero, nilch, nada. I still get some minor episodes of aura that go away and do not turn into the migraine itself any longer and the few migraines i do get are hormonally related and much milder than the past. They occur about every three months now and are short-lived. Removing gluten was the key. A lot of what you describe is anxiety related - you kind of concentrate on your body and amplify what is happening. Been there done that - you'll be ok.

10 · December 17, 2012 at 2:50 AM

I have had all of those symptoms. The weightless feeling you describe.. Feels almost like you're gonna fall over, but not exactly dizziness. Migraines with aura, anxiety, rapid heart beat, etc. So I think it is definitely stress related. The stress causes the odd feelings, migraines, anxiety, etc. I only have these problems when stressed. Additionally, I have some kind of nerve problems related again to stress. My chiropractor thinks that the muscle tension presses on the never causes all kinds of problems. So.. I suggest you follow a PHD style diet, manage stress and see a chiropractor. Also try calming herbs like Passion flower and get some exercise. Hope that helps.

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