What am I doing wrong?

by 5 · April 21, 2013 at 01:24 AM

This is my 4th week eating paleo and I'm not seeing any weight loss. I'm not primarily doing it for weight loss but to be healthy I need to lose some weight. My stats... 5'9", female, 205lbs, measurements are 45-35-44 (only lost about half an inch there since starting). I work out three times a week (MWF) usually an hour of spinning, an hour of strength (bodypump or something of the sort) and have recently started walking a mile in the in between time from class to class. I'll put up my menu for last week and this week.

Last week.

2 scrambled eggs with shrimp (5-6) and diced tomatoes

Steak (about 3 oz)

Spinach and shrimp (about 10) soup (tomatoes & spices)

One spaghetti squash with ground beef (made in tomato sauce with spices about 3 oz 97/3)

2 hard boiled eggs

And one day I had a banana blended with 2 oz of coconut milk.

This week

2 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of bacon (nitrate free, uncured from whole foods) and some spinach

Tilapia (3-4 oz)

Turkey meatballs (about 3 oz, it was a family pack that yielded 42 with three eggs mixed in and I have 6 a day) and homemade marinara made with fresh tomatoes, water and spices. With cauliflower.

Ground chicken (2-3oz) stuffed tomato. One big tomato.

Ground beef patties (93/7 ground beef mixed with two eggs) Made one package and I have three of them a day so about 2-3 oz.

I drink about a gallon of water a day sometimes a little more and cook with coconut oil. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

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2715 · April 16, 2013 at 07:06 PM

Sometimes, when you're working out a lot, you'll be building muscles while losing fat. That's what's been happening to me. As I've stepped up my workout (not as much as you're doing, though) I've started to gain weight. I've also dropped some pant sizes. This is all good! Weight loss by itself doesn't measure fat loss accurately. You could have dropped 5 pounds of fat and gained 5 of muscle. That's even better than just losing 5 lbs of fat.

See if your gym has a way of measuring body fat (not by taking your height, gender and weight only) and try to determine if you're losing fat.

If your clothes are getting looser in the right places and you feel better, then don't worry!

0 · April 21, 2013 at 01:24 AM

I'm wondering if you are not eating enough? If you are working out for two hours three times a week and walking on another two you may need more. If you aren't eating enough your body can think it is starving and hold on to fat.

Also, I didn't notice much in the way of fresh food, like salads, in your menu. Maybe if you try adding some large salads with healthy fats such as nuts and seeds it might help.

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