Diamine oxidase for histamine intolerance?

by 425 · August 25, 2013 at 06:19 PM

Does anyone have any experience with, or thoughts on, taking diamine oxidase (DAO) supplements to combat histamine intolerance? I believe 'Histame' is the brand available in the US and UK. I'm thinking of trying these to reduce my reactions to high-histamine foods while I attempt to heal my gut but they're incredibly expensive. I'm also trying to reduce the histamine in my diet but am finding this difficult for various reasons.


Background: I'm male, 28 with a 20+ year history of wacky digestion and other health problems. Been strict, nightshade-free Paeleo since November with moderate improvement in symptoms. Tested negative for Coeliac, Crohns, Colitis, bowel cancer, diabetes and thyroid problems: my colorectal specialist described me as 'a mystery'. Am currently eating very low carb as I swell up like a balloon, belch uncontrollably and lose weight like crazy whenever I eat any carbs (still trying to get tested for SIBO - virtually nowhere in the UK will test for this - argh!).

Anyway, since going VLC I've reduced the bloating and weight loss but have started noticing reactions to foods such as chicken, spinach, salmon, nuts (diarrhoea, itching, flushing, sinus problems, palpitations etc.), hence I'm suspecting an additional histamine intolerance on top of all the other mess. I can't cut much more out of my diet or there will be nothing left (of the diet or of me). It's all driving me nuts. Any help much appreciated!

Update: I decided not to purchase the DAO in the end and started the GAPS diet instead. I felt that the DAO wasn't going to address the root cause of my problems and wasn't worth the expense.

My experience on GAPS has been mixed so far. I took more probiotic tablets in the beginning but I'm gradually replacing these with fermented foods. After slowly introducing the broths and probiotics I'm tolerating amines better than I used to. However, I've had other issues surface (especially skin problems of various kinds). I'm hoping these are 'die-off' and a good sign, but it's too early to tell.

Update 2: Spoke too soon about the amine tolerance! I'm experiencing major amine intolerance symptoms again. I'm drinking a lot more kefir than before which isn't helping, although it's the only thing that's had an impact on my fungal problems and eczema so I'm reluctant to give up drinking it at present. I've caved in and ordered the DAO. I'll report back when I've had chance to try it.

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367 · March 15, 2012 at 12:08 AM

TJ, my n=1 will not be very encouraging, unfortunately, but I have intolerances up the yin-yang so I imagine most probably write me off as an outlier. In any case, I'm certain I have histamine intolerance and did try Histame, or DAO. Disappointingly I felt like I had the flu a few hours later. I tried it again with much trepidation... had the same reaction. I really wish it had worked, as beer, wine, etc. are sorely missed. However, as PaleoGran mentioned, other allergies/intolerances can be at play. That may even be why I reacted poorly to the Histame - I have a problem with amines, along with phenols and other chemicals that are detailed to some extent by the Failsafe diet. I believe Histame's DAO is from dessicated pig kidneys (?) which would likely make it high in amines; this could have caused my flu-like reaction. However, if you can afford to risk it, it's worth a shot. Sounds like some people benefit from this stuff.

Also, if you have a lot of bloating from carbs I'd imagine you might have yeast overgrowth and might want to look into some antifungals. Raw garlic, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, iodine, medium chain triglycerides, probiotics, etc. might help. I have a hunch that histamine intolerance follows gut dysbiosis and yeast overgrowth because these organisms produce histamine, so treating that problem should help ease the allergen load and improve tolerance. I'm still intolerant - even years after getting my system in check - and doubt it will ever go away, but it was MUCH worse when I had unbalanced gut flora.

20 · October 03, 2012 at 06:49 PM

Has anyone tried TMG, Folate (NOT folic acid it MUST be L-methylfolate-Metafolin) B6, B12, Inositol and Choline? Those are the classic supplement combinations for treating histamine issues. After 11 years of doctor to doctor, test after test, I self diagnosed myself to one of the 30% of the population who have the inabilty to convert Folic acid to the methyl doner needed to break down histamine. Has worked like a charm and was almost instant relief from the first dose! These supplements are a HECK of a lot cheaper than the DAO supplement on Amazon.

Good luck to eveyone!!

10 · May 22, 2013 at 07:26 PM

ive noticed there was a person above who mentioned a gene responsible for making the DAO enzyme that degrades histamine.we did a 23 and me gene test on some of us and i found that two of my kids have double defects on that gene snp. meaning theyre likely to have histamine issues because theyre lacking enough DAO becuase of the defect. i recently bought a supplement called DAOSin from swanson vitamins that is showing some great progress for my daughter who has POTS (which seems like a histamine issue to begin with which turns into possible mast cell issues and then eventuallly POTS. she cant ever make her body produce that enzyme on its own so taking it and watching her histamine intake seemed the next best thing for us.

10 · April 21, 2013 at 04:51 PM

Hello Everyone, I'm new to this site and have been reading all your messages. I recently was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis after rupturing 2 tendons in my hand. Through that process they have discovered that I have a histamine intolerance. I've been seeing a rheumatologist and a nutritionist associated with his office.

In addition to all the RA drugs I'm on, the nutritionist has put me on a low histamine diet to reduce inflammation and swelling. I see most of you have talked about Histame which is quite expensive. I thought you might be interested in what she suggested.

She said to take N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): 500mg twice per day with meals. Can increase to 3,000mg in divided doses, as tolerated. I've just found several brands on Drugstore.com and they seem very reasonable in cost.

In addition she said to add Diamine Oxidase (DAO) with higher histamine meals; taking it 20 minutes before the meal.

I'm thinking this protocol may help some of you reduce the high cost of Histame. The two in concert may have a better effect as well.

I'll be trying them all here soon.

10 · October 12, 2012 at 10:47 PM

I'd like to add my pennyworth re Histame. I find it helps, but is not the total answer. I can't help feeling if it were cheaper and one could afford to take about 10 capsules a day it would be worth taking. I usually take two, four or even six capsules with an allergy tablet as well, that gives a better result than Histame alone. Not ideal I know, but when one is desperate......

1197 · March 15, 2012 at 01:11 AM

I bought DAOsin (cheaper than Histame, $15/30 capsules on Amazon) last week more as a diagnostic tool to see if I even have histamine intolerance, which is silly I know, but histamine intolerance was near the end of a long list possible causes for my flushing and weird reactions to meals and I was a bit desparate, and none of he other usual supplements (Vit C, Qercetin, B6) seemed to help. I can't really tell if it's working. It's been just as fickle of an experiment as anything else. Sure, I haven't been that symptomatic since taking it, but I've been fine for weeks on end too before histamine intolerance was even in my vocabulary. In any case, I think you might want to investigate a serious gut healing protocol as it seems to be the only path out of a diet that's becoming more and more limited and frustrating.

People have different reaction to DOA, it DOES really help some people and they use it for emergencies or when they travel. Others who are really sensitive react to the fillers in the supplement. Have you considered seeing Dirk Budka? He's an MD who runs a clinic in London that deals with histamine intolerance and other gut/intolerance issues. People with HIT seriously fly across the Atlantic to see this guy. As a side note, he is making a new supplement called HistRelief that is more powerful and contains no fillers. I believe it's coming out in May.

3500 · March 15, 2012 at 12:29 AM

I can't find any sources for this via Google, but I wonder if it's possible for the immune system to develop antibodies to DAO... I guess it's possible that you have histamine intolerance because your body can't produce DAO without it being attacked by your immune system, but I can't back that up with any science.

0 · August 25, 2013 at 06:19 PM

TJ...I don't know if you've solved your problem yet or not but I've recently been reading about EPD or LDA as its called in the States now. I hope to begin this therapy soon. My husband is a family doctor and he believes it will help me even though it is considered "alternative". It was discovered and used in the 60s by a doctor in your country! Read up on it...it might just solve your allergy problems, which is what it sounds like you have.

68 · August 23, 2013 at 08:55 PM

I just began taking HISTAME @ 1 cap w/ each meal. Am getting loose stools and gas. When I stop, it sibsides. Anyone else getting this???

0 · August 15, 2013 at 12:39 AM

Hey...I am 26, a girl, and have similar problems and am wondering what will be left of me as well...it's definitely difficult...I tested negative for thyroid dysfunction in my blood, but my gland is enlarged, and my nephrologist explained that this means it is overcompensating and overtaxed (seems fairly obvious...though my endocrinologist was indifferent about it). I recently started taking just 2 drops of iodine a day - which has helped me stop feeling what I thought were diabetic symptoms where I would just get extremely lightheaded and unable to form sentences properly...also I have almost no bloating now which is pretty incredible for me...iodine is a very helpful medicine but also really powerful and a little goes a long way....though I am still having an awful time with diarrhea and am wondering about histamine reactions...I think variety as much as possible is important, but I am wondering as well what to do. Qigong and deep breathing are really really helpful...and I feel I am slowly getting better...also enzymedica digestive enzymes are really really good. I have only just read that probiotics can be very aggravating to people with high levels of histamines, and I eat a lot of fermented food like yoghurts and homemade sauerkrauts, so I'm hoping that cutting this out will really help. May be something to look into...also I thought that I couldn't eat grain until I realized it was to do with my iodine deficiency, and now i don't have bloating - though quinoa and brown rice are both high histamine foods so I'm working on having a lot less of them. Maybe see a dietitian or naturopath...I am looking into this now myself as it has become a little insane - and it can make you pretty isolated. Hope you feel better.

0 · July 19, 2013 at 11:26 PM
0 · July 19, 2013 at 11:25 PM

Check this web, it was really helpfull for me

0 · July 17, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Hi everyone, I too suffer with Histamine Intolerance. I have taken Daosin (2 tabs with main meal each day) for months now and I find that it does help some days, but not every day. However, I must say that the main thing that I have learnt is that I have to drink plenty of water every day. Lack of water in the body is said to cause the body to make extra histamine and in my case that is true. Also, I take antihistamines (Fexofenadine 180mg twice a day, (just started taking 3 a day in this hot weather). These help me more than anything else. For anyone out there that has the constant migraines, Migraleve Pink is very good. I also take AVAMYS nasal spray, and that works too. I was under the Brompton Hospital as my allergies and high histamine levels were making me so ill and they prescribed the Fexofenadine, Avamys spray and Daosin. Plenty of water, no spices (I live on spicy food!) only fresh meat and no tinned food or foods that have been matured like cheese. Its hard to find something that you can eat without having a reaction. Some days when I feel really ill all I eat is special K with milk. Anybody got any other tips for me?

0 · July 11, 2013 at 04:58 AM

These videos will help explain your food problems and give you more information about histamine intolerance:




I personally have had good success with Histame and DAOsin. I also use Allerase between meals and Similase with meals.

DAO is made in your gut. If your mucosal lining is compromised at all (whose isn't these days?!) then your DAO production can be compromised, therefore leading to an excess of histamine circulating in the body. It's more complicated than that, and yes, SNPs and the methylation cycle is involved too. The videos are easy to understand and should at least help those wanting to learn more.

0 · June 16, 2013 at 02:57 PM

the daosin product has helped along with limmiting my histamine intake. gingergirl i know just how you feel the next day! i wake up tired and sore takes me a while to get moving!

i feel better if i skip or eat very little in the morning, a light lunch and then a good size meal at night but not too late!

0 · April 20, 2013 at 03:50 PM

Hi, I'm not sure who else has had success, but I know Taylor answered. After years of unexplainable symptoms and the belief I had an anxiety problem or even asthma, I've joined the ranks. Yes, a gut problem is part of this and makes reactions more severe, but I definitely have a histamine intolerance. Most food intolerances seem to go hand in hand with candida when your system is too run down. Last night, I used the supplement and was able to have a large meal with sour cream, sugar and RED WINE no problem! No sleepiness, stomach pain, sore throat, eye pain, tingling or tightening muscles! But...does anyone know about next day effects? Like pizza and wheat and sugar can make me very sore and groggy next day (probably feeding candida), wine usually had me waking up sore throat and congested. Does the supplement help with lingering effects or only within the first hour or so. I think it willbe a godsend for certain foods, but isn't a answer if you need to pop them like candy or they don't tackle the fatigue, sluggish, soreness, congestion issues. I would like to hear from somebody who has trialled it longer than me! :)

0 · March 06, 2013 at 09:23 AM

Hi all. I have been considering taking some kind of diamine oxidase supplement but it seems like they all have a bunch of fillers in them, I was wondering if anyone has found a brand that doesn't have all of these fillers?

0 · February 18, 2013 at 07:56 PM

my main problem is with mold! the lower the mold count the better i feel. and have less food,skin problems. last summer was hot and dry best i have felt in 10 years. also found were the mold was hiding in my basement.

i have a history of living in moldy homes. i wonder how many people with these problems live in damp humid places?

mold,yeast and fungus are all in the same family and are very adaptable. so rotating foods and anti-fungles seem to work the best for me. i have also had some luck with DGL but only for a few days at a time it locks my muscles up.

too much histamine does make sence.

10 · February 17, 2013 at 03:33 AM

I've found xylitol to help with the anti-fungal part. 1/4 tsp twice a day. Though more (up to 50 grams a day) is fine.

0 · February 10, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Hi all with the histamine problems.....I haven't tried the supplement yet but plan to do so. Many of your symptoms sound like Mastocytosis which can be in the skin with many/various itchy rashes called Subcutaneous Mastocytosis or it can affect the organs which is more serious. I have the skin problem which can be hell but now I am seeing a specialist in Toronto who knows about this condition. The bad news is it is very rare and not all docs are aware of it. Just google it. There is a wealth of information at www.mastocytosis.ca photos can be seen at www.flickr.com/photos/mastocanada.

There are tests to determine the severity....Serum Tryptase blood test along with others is key. You can still have it even if this test is in normal ranges. Proper skin biopsy could do the trick also but you have to know the technique.

I see a specialist dermatologist....He has prescribed H1 and H2 blockers to keep it under control...and it helps...150 mg ranitidine twice daily with 10 mg of Reactine per day. In USA there is another antihistamine...forgot the name which is the same product....your pharmacist will know. But better to see a specialist for proper diagnosis. Most important stay away from aspirin and all pain killers with aspirin/salycilates and minimise foods/supplements/herbals/medicines high in salycilates. Remember..not everyone will have this condition but it is important to get checked with your doctor for proper treatment. Good Luck.

30 · January 08, 2013 at 12:59 AM

I'm in Canada, and recently found this site to offer the most reasonably priced DAO supplement: https://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson-ultra-daosin-300-mcg-30-caps They also shipped without charging both an arm and a leg, and the package arrived quickly.

My histamine intolerance re-appeared after going paleo almost two years ago. Although a low histamine diet should be the first defence, I do find the supplement helps for those occasions when eating out, or over the holidays.

0 · December 28, 2012 at 09:10 AM


My wife and I both suffer digestion problems - IBS etc.

I also had bacterial dysbiosis.. In UK you can get it tested for in London at BioLab. The consultant who referred me is Professor Brostoff.

Anyway even after test he recommended a new antibiotic which wasn't released in UK and had to use Metronidazole instead. It works for a month or so and is nasty stuff.

My wife kicked off badly sometime ago and I asked my parents holidaying in India to buy some Rifaximin. Gave it to the wife and hey presto her symptoms of bloating, pain etc were 90% improved. Still that way 9 mths on.

It's an antibiotic worth trying because it works directly in the gut, very little is absorbed into the bloodstream.

I've tried DAO - don't just assume you are intolerant to Histamine or lack DAO. It could be another allergy and histamine in the diet is exacerbating the primary allergy symptoms. All DAO is doing is neutralising the dietary histamine to prevent the additional aggravation. I use it for that..if i have pizza, beer, wine etc.

I think I have a slight allergy to dairy, when I have high histamine foods it makes it much worse so DAO helps dampen the effect.

My tuppence worth if it helps anyone.

0 · December 20, 2012 at 12:02 PM

I started taking DAO for my migraines. My assumption is that I have a histamine problem more than anything. I'm about 80% paleo but more like 60% around the holidays. I am still taking my regular migraine medication but still have seen a reduction in frequency of headaches since supplementing with DAO (daosin). I take it only when I eat terrible delicious food like ice cream/ GF pizza or when I'm out at a restaurant. I will definitely agree... it is in no way a complete solution and I won't ever take it everyday. Probably the best option is to moderate high histamine foods.

0 · December 11, 2012 at 07:09 PM

I had some genetic testing done because I have a Mast Cell Disease (Systemic Mastocytosis) that gives me SEVERE "allergic" reactions to just about everything. But get this...I'm NOT ACTUALLY allergic to all this stuff. I've been tested for just about everything under the sun. I'm allergic to a couple of things but not many.

I've been living on a low histamine diet because my Immunologist and I noticed I was reacting to LOADS of high histamine containing foods. Now, one day I can eat spinach and be fine; and another day I eat spinach and I need an epi pen and medical intervention. What gives??

So, I've learned that on a SPECIFIC GENE, on a SPECIFIC allele you can tell whether you are one of those people who have this marker for low DAO (diamine oxidase) one of the enzymes responsible for degrading histamine. So I went to my test results and had a look...guess what? I am.

So is THIS why I REALLY having "allergic reactions" to foods??? And does it have NOTHING to do with my Mast Cells having a dumping party in my blood stream? Or is it both?

And what do I do about it?

80 · November 27, 2012 at 06:55 AM

I also get flushing, sinus problems, headaches, heart racing, and occasionally itching after eating sometimes, and my doctor thought it could be histamine intolerance, so I started looking into it.

I tried Histame, mainly on the idea that it might mean something if it helped. It did make some difference, although it by no means fixed me. Maybe if I could afford to take half the bottle at a time, but I never tried that. Nonetheless, it seemed to help some.

I've discovered that taking betaine HCL often knocks out my symptoms pretty much completely. This may be completely idiosyncratic, but it seriously works. I don't know if the extra acid breaks down the histamine before it gets to my intestines, or if it kills off nasty bacteria or yeast or something in my small intestine, or something else, but it makes a huge and noticeable difference. I started taking it for acid reflux problems (which it also helped) but then I noticed that my increasingly-common flushing after many meals went away!

I took the HCL for awhile, ratcheting down my dose whenever it seemed to make my symptoms worse instead of better. I was off it for months before my problems, both the reflux and the flushing, etc., started to come back. Doing another round of HCL helped again. I've gone through a few cycles and it always seems to work, though never truly permanently. Something to consider!

10 · November 24, 2012 at 02:43 PM

Ya'll might want to look into mast cell activation disorder. It's a relatively new clinical entity so not well known yet, but involves overactive mast cells, which of course pump out histamine along with about 200 other chemical mediators. There's a lot of overlap of symptoms between that and histamine intolerance.

0 · November 17, 2012 at 06:24 PM

I got a free sample of Histame about 6 months ago. What caught my eye was it said for food allergies so I requested the free sample. They absolutely work for me within a few minutes. Because they are so expensive I only take them if I have a major sneezing attack after eating. So far they haven't failed me. As a side note, years ago I went through a series of shots at the doctor’s office because I got terrible migraine headaches which were finally diagnosed as "histamine" migraines. I wish I could figure out why my body over reacts to histamine. But whatever the case the Histame pills work great for me.

0 · October 21, 2012 at 07:28 PM

hi, having the same problems & some one told me that it might be this! so my question to you all is has anyone tried echinacea! it's suppose to be a natural anti-histamine.. the only problem is you can only take it for 8 weeks then you have to have a 2 week break but it's a lot cheaper than the tabs your getting! im gonna have a try..

0 · October 16, 2012 at 01:47 AM

I have to ask this question. I just read about histamines in food tonight and I am wondering if this could be my issue also. I looked at buying Histame, but the price put me off. So I am wondering if anyone can answer this. Why can't I just take a nightly Bendryl? (They make me sleepy, but I am fine the next day.) Won't the antihistamine help offset the food histamines?

0 · October 05, 2012 at 08:31 PM

TJ, any updates on the DAO?

20 · October 03, 2012 at 06:53 PM

BTW, ayone who is interested in trying the DAO supplement check out Swanson's Vitamins they have their onw brand called DAOSin 30 caps for $39.95.

I have not tried DOA but have ordered MANY MANY times from Swansons. Highly reputable company.

0 · October 01, 2012 at 04:09 PM

For yeast and persasitic overgrowth I would limit your carbs. which many of you are doing. Make sure the kefir you are drinking is low carb because if you look at he back it got like 24g of carbs in it. I would increase fermented foods such as kambucha and sourcrout. Increase Saturated and Monousaturated fats and take a full spectrum digestive enzyme before meals. A lot of these reaction can also be related to leaky gut syndrome.

Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky, DC http://www.balancechiropracticandrehab.com

0 · August 19, 2012 at 09:21 AM

Just so you guys know. I tried histame yesterday and i used to fall to the ground in the bathroom after eating any dairy or eggs, couldnt have gluten either but it wasnt as bad. Let's just say today I ate a pizza a burger and chocolate and eggs for breakfast. It sucks that ppl aren't saying histame works but it is a god send for me. Give it a shot. I feel like i can live again, it was worth spending the money to experiment on it. I had lost almost all hope and this was my last go at it. Thank god I tried it.

0 · July 25, 2012 at 02:42 PM

Hoping someone with direct experience will reply about DAO (I've already read the Amazon reviews), but to those who've tried, TY. I underwent experimental therapy with live organism helminths in 2010 for an unrelated issue, which improved; around that time I also went paleo, and added many high histamine foods to my diet. I got significantly worse, so under medical advice I eradicated the helminths. No change. I made a dietary connection recently, and I too think gut dysbiosis is at the heart of the issue. Unfortunate that the helminths didn't help the issue, but I may revisit the issue again with another species after I consult with my GI.

0 · July 24, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Hello, can someone please follow up on use of DAO? Its very frustrating to find that someone is trying something, and then they don't report on their long-term experience. It sends a strong message that the substance/product is a waste of time, but it could also mean that the success was so profound that the person has gone on about their life and forgotten about reporting thier success. We in the trenches have no way to know the difference! Amine intolerance is something that has kept me from paleo. Please help me and others by checking back in about your experience. TY!

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