Am I eating too much?

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I'm male, 5'11, about 200 pounds, did strength training for a couple of years with an awful, massive diet, and for the past few months have been paleo (+ some dairy) and tapered training down to kettlebells and sprints.

My top goal is fat loss, and it is going well. I haven't weighed myself so I don't know what I've lost, but I am definitely losing fat - noticeably so and people keep saying so! ...and seem to be retaining muscle.

I'm really down to that last bit of fat on my stomach and 'the handles' which is the worst bit for me. One thing I need to address which I think will help this is more sleep. I get about 7 hours on weekdays, and about 10 on weekends.

Here's what I eat on a typical day:

7am 150g British Pork mince - made into little sausage shapes and fried in kerrygold butter 3-4 eggs scrambled in butter and with a dash of double cream Decaff coffee with 5 tbs double cream

1pm Half a small rotisserie chicken (1 breast, 1 leg and thigh, 1 wing) Decaff coffee with cream

7pm 200g British beef mince - made into burgers and fried in butter and a big salad Decaff coffee with cream -OR- small bowl of blueberries and strawberries and cream

On weekends I'll only have breakfast (at about midday) and dinner. Some days during the week I'll skip lunch and just have a coffee with a lot of cream. And maybe a little bit (25g) of 90% chocolate.

On paper it looks like quite a lot of food. But I never feel that full. People look at me like I am insane eating half a chicken for lunch! ...but it isn't that much to me.

Is this a normal amount of food for a fairly big adult male?

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1538 · September 14, 2010 at 12:04 PM

I eat more than that and I'm a short, thin female! I eat about three good pounds of meat a day, plus butter, coconut oil, and cream. If you are feeling great and losing fat, you are on the right track. I think eating to satisfy your hunger is important. That's what I do. When I first started Paleo, I wasn't eating near enough, and weirdly enough, I wasn't losing any weight. But once I upped my portions by about three times, I started feeling great and losing weight. Weird, but true.

2512 · September 14, 2010 at 1:05 PM

Your day looks good to me, although I wouldn't be able to handle the cream (my system doesn't like it much, and it's also incredibly hyperphagic to this moi!). Other than that, it really looks very much in proportion with what I'm eating - without the cream, the calorie count drops down to around 1500 - 2000kcal, my best fat-loss range given my gender, stats and activity level.

The trick for me was to realise that without eating voluminous carbs, I never "feel full" like days of old. Eating meat and fat satisfies me good and proper, but I always feel like my stomach could handle more food - cos it could. It's a psychological adjustment. I'm not stuffed - I'm satisfied.

I would second the vote that you should only eat when you're hungry, and to shake the last bit of fat you might want to play with intermittent fasting - try going from eating one dinner to not eating again til the next day's dinner, and eating a normal-sized meal at that time. The hormonal reaction plus the caloric restriction have the potential to shred you down to lean goodness.

Good luck!

22684 · September 14, 2010 at 12:11 PM

I'm 6'1" 200lbs Active sports 4 days a week I eat 3000 calories of mostly meat/fat a day

I lost 105lbs, when I got low BF the only way to keep losing was IF, I was eating in a short window that varied daily

Eat Only when hungry.

If you're impatient, a protein sparing intermittent fast coupled with resistance training will take you single digit BF%

That's 1000 calories of mostly protein in 1 meal a day and nothing else

It's not fun if you're not keto adapted and it requires willpower, but it will rip the handles off you.

Alternatively, just honest strict only eat when hungry and stop before you're full will achieve the same, just alot slower

Best of luck either route. The end result feels great and is so worth it.

18383 · September 14, 2010 at 3:39 PM

It could be a matter of weight loss slowing down as you get leaner. I'm down to the handles, too, and I'm still losing but it's very slow now. I don't mind, because it's still perceptible and I'm happy with my lifestyle.

That said, I agree that IF will probably help. http://www.leangains.com/2010/06/intermittent-fasting-and-stubborn-body.html argues why, and adds some other tips for "stubborn" fat.

2525 · September 14, 2010 at 1:44 PM

No - that's not too much. I'm the same height and a few pounds lighter, but I eat more than that. I don't have breakfast, but often have 500g or more of meat at lunch, along with some ricotta or cottage cheese, then a big dinner.

Given that you are losing fat (people telling you is definitely one of the best measures), don't worry about it. Part of adapting to paleo is erasing what you think you know is a normal day's worth of food. Just keep experimenting and review the results. If you're really concerned, you should weigh yourself and/or measure your bodyfat, then check again a few weeks later. Also, learning to trust your hunger and what your body is telling you is difficult, but worthwhile.

190 · September 14, 2010 at 12:40 PM

I don't find fat as satisfying as many here do. If you're not losing or have stopped losing, then I'd cut down on fat a bit and eat more green veggies. I think your protein looks fine.

If you're losing and feeling good, don't change anything.

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