Is it a miracle? My thyroid has healed!

by 3180 · January 12, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Remember me? I'm the guy who quit taking his Synthroid last month. The doctor that put me on it 7 years ago said it was for life. Subsequent doctors said the same thing. The Quilt said "BULLSHIT!". Well, N=1, I started half-dosing my Synthroid (prescription is for .15mcg) in June. Stopped it altogether Aug 15th. Tested TSH yesterday: 2.56 (Normal range is .34 - 4.82). FT4 is .95 (normal .59 - 1.61).

So, this must be a miracle from heaven, right? Or could it be I'm now Leptin Sensitive and have been eating primal 9 months and lifting heavy things? How could all my doctors have been so wrong, why would none suggest I try stopping my Synthroid after I lost 60lbs, my trigs went from 200 treated to 33 untreated, blood pressure fine untreated, and fatty liver has completely healed? N=1 works! Thanks for the courage Quilt!

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13 Replies

25181 · September 09, 2011 at 05:35 PM

I'm glad you took your health into your hands and sound mind. Please pay it forward with others now.

1299 · September 09, 2011 at 05:50 PM

Congrats! No, not a miracle. A miracle is something which occurs that is beyond or outside of the the actual "laws of nature". There is absolutely nothing supernatural about what you have done for your own health. You simply started following/adhering to those physiological laws. I have witnessed numerous folks who have had similar "impossible' experiences to what you have had. Only those ignorant of human physiology would call it a miracle. It is a time for celebration and then, as the good doctor said, pay it forward to others with your story, your inspiration and your knowledge.

6332 · September 09, 2011 at 05:20 PM

Congratulations - that's wonderful news!

Patrick should start giving out badges for defying conventional medical prognosis - but until he does, have a nice, juicy upvote from me.

3319 · September 10, 2011 at 02:34 AM

It's paleo feel-good stories like you that will compel medical professionals to investigate more seriously the health benefits of living an ancestral lifestyle, eating the best foods the earth has to offer.

This rediscovery of health and human potential depends on success stories like yours.

It's vital that you translate your story for the medical field. If anyone out there is Paleo and achieving results like this - shock your doc - hold nothing back about what you know. When you leave his/her room, he/she will be left with invaluable information that is impossible to ignore.

Just remember that he/she will be treating hundreds of others after you. If med school can't train them to heal and optimize the health of human beings, we will.

There is no proof like living proof.

510 · September 11, 2011 at 02:44 PM

I'm not sure if you have clarified this elsewhere--so forgive me--but you followed the Quilt's protocol for restoring LS and nothing else? thanks.

10149 · September 09, 2011 at 04:59 PM

this deserves a parade! congrats on the miracle

818 · January 12, 2013 at 11:26 AM

CONGRATULATIONS! I too healed my thyroid with Paleo! Yay us for getting of those nasty chemically meds!

51 · January 12, 2013 at 10:03 AM

Hope this happens for me!! I'm HYPERthyroid, Graves' disease & has been eating primal for 3 weeks. I see results already :)

4395 · June 13, 2012 at 02:06 AM

Hello akman. This Question of yours is some months old so Im just curious if you have continued to have good levels of thyroid. In reading your info, I also wondered about your Free T3 (as you only mention T4)... then again it must have been go or you wouldn't have been able to lose the weight most likley. Did you have high thyroid antibodies (Tpo)? Im just curious about that as I do have Hashimoto's. Thank you.

1187 · September 09, 2011 at 07:05 PM

glad to hear it, good for you. It's good to hear from someone who quit synthroid. People don't believe nature had it right. Medical doctors will never see this kind of results bc they encourage people to eat SAD.

Keep us posted on your next set of great results.

384 · September 09, 2011 at 05:41 PM

I'm jealous! I thought my TSH was getting bette, down to .78, but this last retest had it back up to 2.1. Gah! Doe sthe Quilt have any hope for me? I take 100 mcg of Synthroid.

70 · September 09, 2011 at 05:28 PM

I just had my blood retested, but I haven't received the results from my doctor. I'm curious what the results are now.

1137 · September 09, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Hallelujah! Praise the lord!

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