How to lower my CRP

by 10878 · April 06, 2012 at 02:39 PM

So I posted my Bloodwork earlier today and some people pointed out that my C-reactive proteins were much too high. It digressed from my original question about my low HDL so I thought I'd post a new question.

Someone already showed me this: http://www.virginiahopkinstestkits.com/howtolowercrp.html and thought I might have a low level UTI that could cause it. I'm not really prone to UTI's so it seems far-fetched, anyone had that happen before?

My doctor is very supportive of my low carb diet but thinks the CRP is a result of my high fat, low carb diet. My Cardio CRP readout is 11.5.

I try to keep my PUFA's low. I don't eat nuts, keep my chicken and pork servings to about once a week, and I eat about 75% grassfed beef. We do occasionally eat CAFO either out or sometimes the budget just requires me to go CAFO.

We just found out I have a rather moderate allergy to egg whites and I've been eating 2-4 eggs a day for 6 months now. Could that be causing it? I'm also very overweight but I've lost almost 30 pounds; I still have 70 to lose. I haven't started any major workout program yet. I take my baby on a walk every day in the carrier and I do yoga a few times a week. My doctor thinks the CRP and (low) HDL will take care of itself also when I lose the weight.

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25189 · June 03, 2011 at 01:30 PM

a cardiac CRP above three is bad news....above ten is well off the charts.


1.Eliminate all fructose and omega six for at least six weeks. Become very restrictive. 2.Increase your omega 3 marine fish oil.....not veggie sources Use the Table in Robb Wolfs book for proper dosing. 3. Increase NAC use to 3 a day at 600 mgs one orally three times a day Vit D target 70-100 4. Use Basil Orgeano Rosemary and Turmeric on every meal.... 5. Carb restriction below 25 gms a day. 6. Swear off all butter and use only coconut oil or palm oil for all cooking 7. Use fever few or milk thistle three times a day 8. Eat more fish......a lot more until your below a three. 9. You need to control your cortisol so you can sleep. Melatonin and and adaptogen use are critical 10. You need consistent low impact exercise.....walking is fine and so is the the use of light weights with higher reps.....but nothing too exerting. You dont want to drop dead ....remember 55% of heart attacks occur in people with Cardiac CRPs above 3 as the plaque rupture with added inflammation.

After 6 weeks then you ask for a re draw of the CRP. If it fails to fall you need to go get a calcium index score and further testing. Cardiac calcium score is a biggie. If it is up and your crp is up you got real issues. Then you need to add high dose vitamin K2 and really up the omega threes and check your omega 6/3 index. I bet it is off the charts favoring the omega six.

Good Luck

30 · April 06, 2012 at 02:39 PM

C Reactive Protein is an inflammatory marker. Inflammation is a function triggered by your immune system.Your high CRP score is directly related to the function of your immune system. High CRP is an indication that your immune system is over-active. You have a problem in your system somewhere, it could be anything from an allergy to a virus, who knows. It is true that when your CRP score is high you are at a much greater risk of severe health issues. Think of your CRP score in the same arena as a high blood pressure reading. You don't necessarily feel anything but it is the killer in the closet. Your dietary choices will have only minimal effect on your score unless they are causing the problem your body is trying to fight.
Search for the problem you are dealing with, take steps to treat that problem and your score will go down, unless.......like 150 million americans you have an auto-immune problem (your immune system is confused about self (your body) vs. non-self (outside foreign invaders like bacteria etc.) and attacks the body instead of getting rid of the bad guys. Or your immune system is simply not in balance and always overactive, it is like a slow burn, the inflammation your immune system triggers is always on. I have a solution to your problem and would be happy to send you the results of a pre-clinical study done by a friend of mine.

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