Hack My Joints. Fasting?

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Hello, paleo-folks!

I've been pretty strict with paleo for the last year, and dabbled with it for 1-2 years prior. Before high school, I was an inactive, obese kid who's only pleasure in life was to eat junk food and play videogames. When high school came around, I became very active and got down to a healthy weight. Since 2009, I've experienced numerous movement-related injuries. Many of them have yet to heal completely. Currently, I'm dealing with arthritis in the thumbs, ligament-laxity in both wrists, snapping triceps syndrome, bilateral shoulder impingements, lower back pain, and plantar fasciitis. In HS, I thought I was "invincible" when it came to weight lifting and sports, and I never had access to a competent coach or trainer, so everything I did was done with horrible form, leading to all these injuries. Formerly supple and fluid, all my joints are weak, painful, and crack-y!

What gives? They are taking years to heal, and the injuries keep coming!

I've seen three orthopedic doctors, one PM&R doctor, one osteopathic sports medicine/internal medicine doctor, one medical genetics doctor, and a physical therapist. All the orthos suggested "rest and take NSAIDs and ice" as if I haven't been made sedentary already from my injuries. It's been suggested I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but the genetics doctor said I don't have the normal signs for it, such as super stretchy skin all over or hyper-flexibility. The only doc that helped was the PM&R doc, who gave me prolotherapy. Unfortunately, it was only partially helpful, and it got too expensive to continue.

I've taken glucosamine, chondroiton, and MSM foor years to no avail. I currently take a low-dose multi, vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc in the AM, magnesium in the PM, fish oil, gelatin, and I get my sulfur from raw garlic. I eat lots of veggies, meats, eggs and egg yolks, berries, butter, coconut oil, and the occasional handful of almonds. I occasionally have cheese, and never have grains. However, I barely eat organic due to costs, although I plan on changing this.

I walk a mile, 5 days a week. I also do core-related work, using proprioceptive drills, strength, and endurance. (Think Stuart McGill's work: planks, bird-dogs, learning how to lock the spine during different movements, doing bodyweight good-mornings/hip-hinges an squats, one-legged balance, etc.) I've tried to re-introduce barefoot-style running, but a gentle quarter-mile left my knees sore for a week.

From my understanding, hGH helps develop collagen in the body, such as in the joints and skin. I've been looking for ways to maximize my exogenous hGH, and recently I've participated in fasting. I used to do 1 to 2 days of 2-hours fasts, but now am trying out 24/24 fasting-feeding days, fasting 3 days a week and feeding 4 days a week.

Does anyone think this can potentially save my joints? Anyone have any other input? Someone hack my joints, please! It's gotten to the point where I'm considering using research peptides to maximize my body's natural hGH.

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30 · March 03, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Have you checked into acid/alkaline balance? In addition, Omega 3/6 out of balance?

190 · February 28, 2013 at 6:19 PM

Don't fast, that's not gonna help anything. There's nothing positive about fasting, it's just a myth.

Without being any expert on joint disorders, I would say go for a really clean antiinflammatory diet. get your vit D level checked. avoid panfried and fried foods. eat stuff like white rice, boiled tubers, for carbohydrates, goat milk (has all nutrients you need, especially lots of calcium for bones), goat cheese (good protein), raw salmon (omega 3), raw coldpressed coconut oil, butter and olive oil (undamaged essential fatty acids), white fish (good protein), fresh orange juice, ripe fruits (sugar,vit c) sushi (omega3). as far as wheat goes maybe stick to low-gluten durum wheat like pasta and cous-cous

Avoid stuff like fried foods (damaged fats), cow milk (caseomorphine), fried eggs (oxidized cholesterol), aspartam, monosodiumglutamate (yeastextract/hydrolyzed protein) which are neurotoxins, beans, nuts, lentils (too much fiber and antinutrients), modern wheat bread (too much gluten), whole grains (too much fiber which is undigestable by humans and is inflammatory, plus it has antinutrients), the same goes for vegetables, too much fiber and undigestable by humans. therefore stick to ripe fruits, remember stuff like tomatoes and bell peppers are also fruits, all seed-bearing.

Of course other than that, maybe supplement vit D if you need, I would focus on nutrition instead of supplements. Of course getting good sleep is vital, as is overall low-stress lifestyle, moderate exercise like walking should be prefered, naturally as follows no drugs or alcohol, I would also avoid caffeine. Don't drink a lot of water, drink orange juice and goat milk instead, which are a lot more nutritious than plain water

Just my 2 cents

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