I wanted to say hi and ask a simple question

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Hi all. I wanted to just say hi, and ask a simple question. I have gone Paleo in the last 3 months because I noticed grains actually made me more hungry. I have to say since I have gone Paleo, I have no food cravings. In less than 3 months, I have lost 3 inches off my waist, and one inch off my hips and bust. What I love about it, is that I do not have to count calories. Most of my diet are fruits and veggies. My question is do you all limit certain foods you eat, such as only a half a cup of raw nuts, etc. Thanks all. You are a really encouraging group of people.

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Nuts are usually limited due to their high omega 6 levels. I would also personally limit fruit and things like bacon. ( sugar/ nitrates / sodium ) As well as other sources of omega 6.

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