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An interesting article:


Do you think it may not be so, and why ?

Considering other species may also be helpful, such as:

The anteaters prove exoskeletons aren’t good for growing brains also ?

I know that they eat ants and termites and have a small brain for their bodies.

Elephants may be interesting also, they are even mentioned as the second most intelligent animal on earth after us, and they are herbivores.

Based on this, do you think juicing plants would be advantageous, at least from an evolutionary point of view, considering

1) It'll be digested and absorbed easier

2) I guess it'll give less opportunity for bacteria to convert plant form nutrients into animal forms


PS: The question wasn't how an organism evolved Matt, but if something helps a species evolve into something better in the long run, it most likely makes an organism from that species better in the short run also, in the appropriate dose. The article sounds like that doesn't it ? Lol... Cooking also is a good (yet unproven, I guess) explanation, maybe we need a combinations of reasons to explain it.

thhq it was a question on whether juicing might make anything better than all of the plant in general (except maybe producing and using the energy, etc. for)

raydawg, can't we eat many same plants with elephants ? Maybe we use some elephant gut probiotics, I dunno :-D

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962 · July 12, 2014 at 11:47 PM

On top of all this, one should not forget that current fruit, tubers and roots have far more calories than their wild counterparts. This is not an absolute rule, as baobab fruit, for example, is as caloric (sugary) or more than many domesticated fruits, but in general it is so. And with so many vegetarian staples getting close to 1000 Kcal/kg, the question of whether we should base our diet on mostly meat should be asked. What about magnesium for example.

40652 · July 12, 2014 at 1:46 PM

You cannot evolve. Evolution is something that happens over 100s of generations. Meat eating did not cause humans to evolve. Meat eating and evolution of humans happened simultaneously. Not a cause, but it was an enabler.

Richard Wrangham makes a compelling argument in his book, Catching Fire. It wasn't meat that enabled evolultion to modern humans, but rather technological advances in food preparation (i.e. cooking.) It doesn't rely on humans as master hunters eating bronto-baby-back ribs nonstop, but rather is centered around humans as hunter-gatherers. And the importance of that gatherer aspect.

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10077 · July 12, 2014 at 1:06 PM

I like the Eades article - thanks. I can't see where you're going with juicing though, especially in regards to better evolution via juicing. After several million years of having blenders I guess we'll have the definitive answer...will we be cow-like or elephant-like in the brains department...

In the short term juicing is a way to increase nutrient availability, though it's questionable whether this comes close to cooking as a way to do the same thing. Maybe cooking made us smarter?

16858 · July 12, 2014 at 12:48 PM

Juicing is a good way to spike your insulin. You'd only need to juice if your digestive system is broken and has trouble absorbing nutrients.

Besides, the fiber in those plants are needed by your gut bacteria, and without it, they'll die off and you'll get sick from not having the right species. You're probably better off eating the fibers and tossing the juice from this perspective. Remember, your gut flora is supposed to be comprised of mostly beneficial organisms. You need to feed it, by doing so, it will convert nutrients you can't digest into beneficial ones such as Vitamin K and SCFAs.

Also, some plants such as spinach, and kale contain oxalates which is fine if you eat in small amounts, or cook, but if you juice a whole bag of raw kale, for example, you'd run head first into this antinutrient and cause yourself problems.

Remember, juicing is a form of processing. The point of paleo is to eat foods in their natural state, and minimize processing.

Unlike ruminants, we don't have multiple stomachs to digest and ferment. Attempting to emulate elephants isn't a wise choice, evolutionarily speaking. Even if you do so through technology. Eat what we evolved to eat if you want to thrive.

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