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Okay, so I've posted a lot of questions on here regarding my weight. But for those who don't know, I'm a 14 year old girl who does cycling who needs to lose weight. My mam and dad say, I say, even some people at cycling have commented on my weight.

I've been trying to follow a paleo diet mostly, but it's hard with low-fat, calorie-restrictive parents. I've noticed that my mam has been giving me less and less on my plate, in order for me to "lose weight." Doesn't work though, I normally end up snacking on biscuits and chocolate, out of defiance and hunger.

So after the millionth time my dad had a go at me for making scrambled eggs with butter this morning, and after he grabbed the pan and threw the butter away, I told him that I've had enough. I've had enough of cycling and not getting anywhere competitively, I've had enough of judgemental assholes who comment on my weight and say losing weight is "easy" like I haven't tried hard enough. I've been trying for over a year now. They say they want me to be healthy, but they don't care about my mental health, and they think being hungry is normal when you're trying to lose weight. My mam also says I've been brainwashed because I don't believe the low-fat dogma.

So I want to do full paleo, weight-loss diet. I want to lose weight atkins style then gradually introduce my carbs so I can continue to cycle. I want my energy to go up and I want to be flat-stomached so I can feel happier and prove a point to my overweight dad who thinks he is morally superior because he doesn't eat red meat.

So can someone please help me? What do I have to eat in order to lose weight? I don't need to keep my energy up because I won't be cycling for a few weeks. Can someone give me a meal plan or something?

I'm sorry if this comes across as arrogant or rude, but I'm really sick and upset about the way people have been treating me and it saddens me that so many people are clueless about a good diet.

I'm 5.3" and 150 pounds.

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1630 · October 30, 2012 at 12:33 PM

A year back I was in a similar situation. I needed to lose weight but I didn't know how. The first thing I did was ask my cousin who lost 60 pounds over the course of 6 months. So I followed that diet, what was that? "Healthy food", no bread or rice. Lots of vegetables, ton of chicken breast and fish. Low fat everything(milk, yogurt etc). Minimal fruit. I did this for about 10 weeks, and I lost 20 pounds. My only form of exercise was HIIT 3 times a week.

Although it helped me lose weight i would never do this again, but this helped me gain my parents' confidence. From then on they knew that whatever I am consuming is for the good of my health. Nowadays when I add copious amounts of butter to my salad, or eat half a dozen eggs they can't really say anything. I guess as being teenagers we need to prove to our parents that we are doing the right thing. The only reason your parents are telling you to eat low fat is because they care. In reality they are the ones who are brainwashed and you can't really do anything other than be an example. They will always think they know more than you. Being 14 this will be difficult, try your best and take it slowly. Good luck

191 · November 02, 2012 at 2:23 AM

You and your parents should see a doctor and a dietician. Both of those specialists should tell your parents to back the &**& off because carrying on like that is a great way to give a teenage girl an eating disorder. Then they can give you a plan, and check on you regularly. The plan will be something you can remind your parents of whenever they freak out.

Honestly, your parents sound like nutjobs. Hang in there as best you can until you grow up and can get the heck away from them.

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