Can I be truly paleo if I can't eat animal fat?

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It's a texture thing. If I get a big hunk of fat, or even a little bit of fat, on a steak I have to spit the bite out. I absolutely can't stand the feel of it in my mouth- can't chew it, and definitely can't swallow it. I've been trying to desensitize myself but I it hasn't been successful. It's an intense visceral reaction and I've almost thrown up at the table trying to force myself to eat even a little fat. Doesn't matter what animal it comes from either. The only fat I seem able to stomach (literally) are the ground up bits in sausage (which I don't chew thoroughly), and bacon when it's cooked very crispy. I just can't imagine gorging on bacon endlessly, every day, to keep my fat intake up (hard to believe, right?).

So, how can truly do paleo in a healthy way if I can't eat fat? Is it possible? I need to get my fat intake up and my protein down a little to get myself firmly into ketosis because I need to loose at least 60 more pounds to be at a truly healthy weight. I just can't make myself eat enough animal fat though. Suggestions?

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53 · February 14, 2014 at 6:08 PM

I absolutely can't eat hunks of animal fat either, I just get it from coking with it, or whatever is too micro for me to notice. as long as you eat meat, you'll do great. As far as upping your fat intake coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, butter and ghee are awesome.

237 · February 13, 2014 at 4:54 PM

Nothing wrong with olive oil and coconut oil. Avocado, (some) nut, and palm oils are fine too. Nut butters are also an enjoyable way to eat fat. Butter is an animal fat and is pretty delicious, can't see how it would be hard to eat butter. Chocolate and cacao butter are great sources of fat as well. Chocolate is not only great tasting but it also has an outstanding amount of high-quality fat in it (get it as dark as possible, and with minimal sugar added). There's a lot of options if you're not into animal fats, which are still perfectly Paleo if you ask me.

68 · February 13, 2014 at 4:45 AM

Render, render, render. I understand. I don't like a blubbery hunk of fat in my teeth either. But if you cook it with the fat on and eat what's rendered, then you're getting it in your diet. I cook really fatty meats in the slow cooker 8-10 hours and those fats render out so there's little if any chunks of fat. That's key to getting avoiding v that texture you fear.

987 · February 13, 2014 at 4:04 AM

What Eugenia says. Render it all. At any rate, animal fat is better than olive oil because it has vitamins A and D, omega 3 fats, and in the case of butter, also K2. You can find all these in liver and sardines, so yes, you can be paleo without animal fats. In case you are lumping connective tissue with fat: have connective tissue in the pot when you make stock. Then you will get all those compounds too. Gelatin is good for you.

11648 · February 13, 2014 at 3:55 AM

You can eat the animal fat as tallow or lard or duck fat. This way, you simply cook with them, and they don't feel like fat, they feel like normal oil.

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