Electrolytes Are Better, But I'm Still Confused

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Thanks to this and another site, I found out that my staggering fatigue (post-ketosis) may be related to mineral deficiencies. I've boosted the sodium, potassium, and magnesium (and water throughout the day) and feel like I'm on the mend. I'm following a no-dairy modified keto plan (69% fat, 22% protein, 9% carb). I'm trying to eat the minerals (using avocado, pumpkin seeds, spinach, etc.) but also use supplements Question #1: What ratio of sodium to potassium should I be aiming for? Question #2: Is there any reason I'm feeling bloated since boosting the electrolytes and water? That's the only change I've made to my food (and I don't guzzle the water), but I'm feeling like I'm retaining it, and not in a good way (and I've long been post-menopausal, so that's not it). Question #3: Is one form of magnesium "better" than another? Thanks everyone. I've learned a lot here.

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3157 · June 16, 2013 at 6:12 AM

Q#1: According to this link that summarizes mineral needs in a very nice way IMO, it seems that the ideal ratio would be near between 2.5:1 and 4:1 sodium/potassium.

Q#2: The bloating thing when boosting electrolytes and water to me looks like you are retaining too much water as you might have already guesses. You could try to aim for the ratios given above and see how works, I guess you can build up the ideal ratio to you with some practice. For me, for example, I've been pretty low carb with similar ratios like you and I've observed that I'm waaay too ripped when I'm low carb. This is great for body composition, I look amazing, I have more muscular separation and vascularity which seems great... but I also felt a little bit spaced out during the morning and I've trouble being hydrated. I know because I go a lot to pee and I wake every nigh also to go to the bathroom. This last days I've been experiencing with having a sea salt teaspoon in mineral water during morning and before bed and guess what? I did not wake that night to go to the bathroom. So, maybe too soon to tell for my case, but I think ans many others do as far as I have seen that when in VLC dealing with correct sodium and magnesium leves is critical.

Q#3: Magnesium Orotate seems to be the best one and Citrate seems to be very decent too, Magnesium Oxide seems to be poor. I personally use a ZMA supplement that comes with Magnesium Aspartate that seems to be average. Epsom salt baths seem to be a very good alternative also. I read in JK's blog that magnesium uptake depends a lot on you current hydration level so you could be supplementing and getting no benefit if your hydration level is bad so have this into consideration. Some studies here in google.

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459 · June 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM

I really like potassium bicarbonate. I do not even come close to RDA without supplementing. The healthiest ratio is debated often but it does appear we have flipped our our K:Na ratio upside-down in the last 10k years or so. I like 2:1 but the data is weak and I personally haven't ever got there.

Eat more salt if you go pee too often, drink water when you get thirsty. Simple.

Avoid Magnesium Oxide, its garbage. RBC mag levels and bowel tolerance should be your guide for the best magnesium supplement for you. (Varies from person to person.)

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