Ketosis and Raw Honey.

by 1584 · May 31, 2011 at 02:55 AM

I do not eat raw honey every day but sometimes I will have two cups of coffee in the morning (only once or twice a week, normally I only have water or plain green tea) and I will sweeten it with raw honey (one teaspoon each cup) together with heavy cream. Will the honey ruin my ketosis, will that little damage my weightloss results?

Note: I also have not been eating anything but meat lately and will reintroduce vegetables closer to my goal weight.

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35 · May 30, 2011 at 09:30 PM

That amount of sugar may not kick you out of ketosis, but you can and should kick the sugar habit. If you simply go cold turkey on sugar, your sensitivity to sweetness will heighten. Having gone over a year without intentionally eating refined sugar, tomatoes now taste sweet to me. I tried a little 2% lowfat milk today, and it tasted very sweet to me.

And fat is the new sugar. If you put enough of that heavy cream in your coffee (I use at least 20% cream in my coffee), I don't see why you would need any sugar to have a very satisfying experience.

5239 · May 30, 2011 at 10:02 AM

If you're not eating any starchy vegetables then I wouldn't expect that amount of honey to knock you out of ketosis.

Try it and see :) If it does knock you out it shouldn't take very long to get back in.

2285 · May 31, 2011 at 02:55 AM

Usually, to be knocked out of ketosis, you need around 60g or carbs or more. So if you are only eating protein and fat, and having a teaspoon of Honey, you won't be kicked out of ketosis.

Using the data provided here, one tablespoon (28g) has 17g of carbs. So you could actually sweeten your coffee with a tablespoon, if you wanted. I'm keto, and I often eat spinach and cream together seasoned with some pepper, tastes kinda good, and I'm getting some greens in my diet. You might want to try to add some broccoli, lettuce, or other very low carb vegetables. Or not, whatever works for you.

Another thing, is that if you are inducing ketosis, as in transitioning from a carb-containing diet, the honey might keep you from entering it.

Also, as ben61820 mentioned, a high protein intake can actually prevent you from being in ketosis, due to the body using the high supply of amino acids from the proteins for gluconeogenesis.A high amount would be 1.5x(Body weight in pounds). I was eating upwards of 300g per day (I'm 210 lbs), and I noticed when I brought my protein down to around 200g a day, and my fats up to roughly 190g, I felt a lot better, and I started testing more positive for ketosis (I'm using Ketostix, they test for ketone concentration in urine).

Moral of the Story: They honey is fine. If you're not in ketosis, then you might have to adjust your macros.

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